4 killed by naked gunman in Nashville Waffle House

Woman charged with setting up robbery at her workplace

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis police say a recent store robbery was an inside job. An employee is accused of setting up her own workplace, the Metro PCS store on Elvis Presley Boulevard, to be robbed.

Police say Klista Austin got her fellow employee to go outside and dump the trash so the robber could run inside and take all the money.

The scheme might have worked if the store didn't catch it all on a surveillance camera.

Police say Austin was caught on camera texting someone just one minute before the store got robbed. While she and another employee were taking out the trash, the robber came in and stole $1,200 from the register.

Police say an hour and a half later, Austin sent another text.

When detectives asked to look at her cell phone, they say the text read, "You got 6. I got 513,” a likely code for her split of the money.

“She should get the same amount of time that he gets,” said Mario Sledge, a Whitehaven resident.

After being taken down to the police station, detectives say Austin admitted her part in the robbery.

Some say the crime gives trustworthy workers a bad name.

“That’s why I'm dressed up. I am trying to apply myself right now so I can get a good job. She's making it even worse,” said Sledge.

While police continue to look for the person who actually stole the cash, they're charging Austin with the crime - robbery. She's being held in jail on a $10,000 bond.


  • The Baker Family

    You really need your mouth throughly washed with soap. Please reframe from judgemental comments, it could have been any person of color. But that does not give you the right to discriminate against anyone, you are not the Lord Almighty.

  • Lisa James

    Pattie, you sound so ignorant!! People make mistakes and no one has a right to judge! And FYI I have personally had a non-black person steal from me, so it seems like trust doesn’t have a color!!

  • freda

    Wow…..Not all blacks are bad….and not all whites are good!! Its sad….that ignorant ppl think like that!!!

  • Jim

    Why do the businesses in Whitehaven continue to close? Could it be the crime? Why do most houses in Whitehaven have iron doors and many have bars on the windows? Could it be the crime? Whitehaven is one of the most dangerous areas in the State of TN. Do your own research if you think my post is untrue.

    • Just saying, too

      Your statement is untrue. Before I moved to Memphis, I researched what area I wanted to live in for two years. Money is not an issue, so I looked in Memphis, several suburbs, and in Mississippi. I’m a die-hard planner/researcher, so I tracked the crime using local blotters and several websites that record crime by type and frequency. Crime in 38116 was actually better than in areas of Germantown and Cordova. My fear was that crime was growing in the suburbs and decreasing in parts of the city that had been reported as violent. I chose Whitehaven because in addition to the decreasing crime, I also received some very interesting financial forecasts about the area. So…I set out to find the reason for the bad PR and discovered that nearly every news station reports crimes that occur in 38109, 38116, 38118, etc as being Whitehaven. That is like referring to Chickasaw Gardens as Orange Mound. Without saying too much, my neighborhood is filled with professionals, very large homes, successful business owners, no crime, old money…and yes, it is very, very racially diverse. [Not a racist statement, but the last 3 or 4 homes that became available, were all purchased by white families, probably due to the same privileged conversation that persuaded me].

      Also, businesses close because of demographics and not a falsely perceived crime stat. Businesses tend to move or expand where there is residential growth or an elevated SES. However, if you are referring to one of the malls, not sure if he still owns it, but I once knew the owner when I lived in yet another state…very young guy, purchased it without seeing it, never lived in or visited Memphis, did not know how to run a business, and did not have the financial means to operate it. He purchased it as an investment and did not know about the expensive upkeep. However, keep watching…if things go as planned (and it has already begun), Whitehaven will begin to recover in stages.

  • Keep IT Real!!!!!

    The media can take a story and make people think what they want to just to create a story they never give us the full detail only the info that they got off the scene when they arrived. People are always quick to talk and not even know the full story so who are you guys to judge?????? That’s the problem we should be praying instead of slaying!!!!!! At the end of the day she is a mother, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and most of all a human being. And not to mention we also have crooked cops and these store managers who try to make their business and names look good who is to say that the store manager didn’t set this up???????

  • Just saying, too

    The man that was interviewed at the cleaners looks like a singer, Larry Dodson, of the Bar-Kays.

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