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Man leads police on chase while trying to his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man is charged with leading police on a chase, all to get his pregnant girlfriend, who was having a miscarriage, to the hospital.

Rodrigues Crawford was pulled over for a traffic stop at the intersection of Chelsea and Tunica. As a self-proclaimed sovereign citizen, he gave police a library card and birth certificate for identification. However, police said he gave them a fake name.

His girlfriend, who was in the passenger seat, told them she was having a miscarriage.

Officials called for emergency crews and backup, because they said Crawford refused to cooperate with them.

Once rescue crews arrived, police said Crawford took off, narrowly avoiding officers and other drivers in his way. He called 911 and said he was heading to the hospital. The chase ended at Methodist North's emergency room.

After arriving, a police report shows officers had to break Crawford's window to get him out of the car and arrest him.

They said they found marijuana in his trunk and discovered he had six outstanding warrants, including a charge of domestic violence against another woman.

Health professionals at Methodist North said people with warrants will often wait to get medical help for themselves or loved ones, because they are afraid of getting arrested.

"We're not looking for what they're in trouble for," a doctor said. "We're just trying to help them and get them back to a better spot."

Doctors also said Crawford's decision to take off for the ER on his own could've been a deadly one for his girlfriend.

"She could have had excessive bleeding or had her vital signs drop...Even death."

Crawford's girlfriend was left at Methodist North for treatment.

Crawford is charged with possession of marijuana, domestic assault, resisting arrest and several traffic law violations, among other charges.

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