Community college tuition going up in Mississippi

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SENATOBIA, Miss. -- The cost of classes at Northwest Community College will go up about 13 percent this fall.

That sounds like a lot, but it works out to less than $200.

Still, any increase at all got the attention of students who say they’re a little concerned.

When Sadie Reed returns to Northwest Community College in Senatobia this fall, she’ll have do dig into her wallet a little deeper to pay for tuition.

”It makes it more difficult to go to school. I’m already on a scholarship but I still have to pay a little bit more.”

Nine of Mississippi’s 15 independently-run community colleges will raise tuition this fall, to an average of just about $2,500 a semester.

”We again, crunched all of the numbers that we could and that was the amount we could charge to our students where we could make our ends meet,” said Sarah Sapp of Northwest.

Colleges around the state say their operating expenses have gone up and they’re only asking for enough to cover giving instructors a little more money, and keeping the lights on and doors open.

Northwest says its students will get their money’s worth with several important new programs.

”A new allied health facility to help with the healthcare shortage, mechanical technology to help appease the growing manufacturing sector, great dual enrollment programs and a great online program. It costs money to run these programs,” explained Sapp.

Six colleges will hold tuition steady, including Coahoma Community College in Clarksdale.

Northwest student Sadie Reed says as long as she’s getting her money’s worth, she’ll pay whatever it takes.

”It might be worth it. I mean, it’s better than going to a four year school.”

Both women point out, even with the increase, a community college education is still a bargain.

Sapp says transferring 60 credits from a community college to a four-year university, can save $13,000.

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  • Sarah Sapp, Northwest Director of Communications

    Dennis Turner covered this story the right way. He highlighted that it is going up by less than $200. He also included my quote about the $13,000 savings students get by choosing Northwest over the four-year for their first 60 hours or 2 years. Thank you for being fair in this coverage!

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