Shooting injures 16-year-old

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 16-year-old boy was injured in a shooting Monday evening.

The shooting was in the 3900 block of Chelsea Ext in North Memphis.

The boy was taken to Le Bonheur in critical condition.

Police say a juvenile whom they detained at the scene was not responsible for the shooting.

There is no suspect information available at this time, and the investigation is ongoing.


  • Teresa Green

    this was my son and we do not know where the bullet came from him and his three friends for on bicycles and they her a laptop and they didn’t see anyone anywhere my son’s biracial his friends were 2 white one black why does race matter!? My 5 ft 100lb teen is fighting for his life!!

  • Teresa Green

    He was visiting family and friends for the summer we move to Ohio from Memphis four years ago to get away from the crime I hate I even sent him there now for the summer

  • kitkat

    I pray for you stupidity and ignorance. What if it was your kid laying there dying. Color doesn’t make you a big let but ignorance does however make you all fools. Know what the heck you are talking about before it back fires on you one day

    • Concerned Citizen

      Trifling hypocrite.
      You say this AFTER first insulting the victim, his family, his MOTHER, and every black person in the city with your tasteless, kneejerk racist trolling.
      And NOW it’s good that the child is doing better?
      Please, Jethro. Step away from the keyboard.

  • Concerned Citizen, you need to discontinue the comments on your entire site. There are nothing but racist trolls who have no regard to the FAMILY of this young teen, who was VISITING HIS GRANDPARENTS from another state, and did not deserve this.

    RACISTS who have nothing better to do but constantly post vitriolic, hatred on the comment boards of ANY story related to African-Americans, need to keep in mind that KARMA is real. In the end, you will reap what you sow, and it won’t be what you think.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Dear Mrs. Green, I’m so sorry what happened to your son, and pray he is recovering and will be well soon! This trifling news station barely reported what actually happened–a young teen visiting his family, riding on his bike, shot senselessly, for no reason, But because they care not one whit about the lives of ANY OF OUR CHILDREN, they treat the victims with the same hatred and disdain they do for the perpetrators. These backwater racists constantly post the same drivel on every story, across the comment boards, here and in the daily newspaper, etc. They have nothing better to do but to spread hatred and share some of their own low self-esteem and mental issues. Please do not spend your energy engaging with these people. WE have got your back. Not everyone thinks like these bitter people. They will reap what they sow. In fact, some claim to be Christians. The funny thing is, they will probably end up sitting for an eternity right next to some of the very same diverse people they couldn’t be bothered with while they were alive. Irony is something else, but Karma gets everyone.

  • Concerned Citizen

    How bright are you?

    That’s by choice. Do you actually think no whites, or non-blacks EVER commit any crimes in this city, seriously? In the nation? Black crime dominates the news because that is what the news chooses to report, and supports a historic narrative of pathology and hatred that is used to justify criminalizing an entire race of people–judging them on their minority, and doing the opposite for whites. If the news media covered every DUI, drunk driver, prescription med, domestic violence incident, petty theft, identity theft, and larger scale embezzlement, prostitution, drug dealing, marijuana charge, business fraud, you name it-crime committed by whites, then we would spend all day and night watching nothing but white criminals on the news.

    Instead, this nation has long had a policy where white crime is treated as exceptional, even though the FBI shows quite clearly that more than plenty white people across the nation are committing crimes and being arrested and charged with it on a regular basis. But you can’t tell from watching the news. We’re only to believe that it’s only the “occasional” domestic terrorist, mass shooter, gun nut freaks, or the “rare” politician who does something ridiculous, when it’s actually the norm for whites here to break laws. They do so without the national pastime and stigma of “representing” their entire race when they do so, and it’s barely reported.

    There also is a markedly different way whites in Memphis (and in the suburbs) are policed, than the rest of the citizens here. When was the last time you saw a white boy picking up garbage on the side of the road? You won’t because in Germantown they get “community service” IN THE OFFICE OF THE COURT, a slap on the wrist because, you know, they have “futures” but black teens with the same offense in Memphis are routinely run through the system without a backward glance or notion. I live in a white neighborhood and can tell you how police are called out for varous “incidents,” and the protocol is that they show up, WITHOUT their blue lights blaring (so they don’t draw too much attention). I know a locksmith who has stories about white families that would make your skin crawl, just nasty, sad stuff that never makes it in the news…. He’s the one they call in, after the police are on site, hush-hushing the situation that they never manage to report in the media. In the black neighborhood, they want everyone and their mama to know they are on site, ENFORCING THE LAW. It’s drama, even when there IS NO drama, no sense of respect or decorum for the law-abiding families or even for the businesses in the neighborhood, all are collateral damage–quite different dynamic elsewhere. These same cops are more likely to look away or write summons versus arresting whites, when, if they were in a totally different neighborhood, they’d run them in as a matter of course. This is not just a “white police thing,” this is all the police in Memphis. I’ve watched crimes get pushed off the radar so that property values aren’t affected, and I’ve watched news stories and reporters go out of their way NOT to identify the specific address, block, or interview people that would sully a white area’s reputation. This is no coincidence. It’s as commonplace as gerrymandering and redlining. It’s par for the course here in Memphis and across the nation. We all know it, but everyone likes to act like they don’t.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Take care of yourself, and your young son.
    He didn’t do anything wrong, and didn’t deserve this.

    Ignore the senseless victim blaming and the usual trashy local racists, who are still angry and afraid because they can no longer ride around in their hoods, because they are outnumbered and outgunned in the city that feeds them. Most live in the city proper and in the white flight suburbs, praying for the city to fail, to fall, never recognizing that without Memphis, they wouldn’t have a pot to pee in. It is, despite its problems, the economic heart that keeps their lives in the suburbs even possible. Where would they work, whose tax dollars would they steal, how would they obtain their graft?

    People are always looking at the mayors as the source of power, when the reality is the landowners–not those with their worthless, flat box homes, but those who own nearly every inch of the city, the real estate barons who don’t change no matter which politicians the residents vote in. The other bitter, barely getting by racist trash here, they’d fall apart without the city, but are angry that they no longer rule it as they once did. Pathetic racists are always myopic. That is the main reason Memphis will never rise to the level of any of its contemporaries, and why the city suffers from so much brain drain. Anyone with any sense and any means, gets out of here, with the quickness.

    The other regional cities, Atlanta, New Orleans, St. Louis, have their own racists, but the ones in Memphis are a special class of special. They haven’t yet figured out that either we all rise–OR we all fall. They’ve chosen the latter, time and time again. Until then, every plan and hope for a prosperous future will always be thwarted. Sadly, it is what it is.

  • Concerned Citizen

    What kind of reporting is this, You have the wrong hospital, you have a child who bravely stayed on the scene to help the young victim being called a “suspect” when the other cowards left him there to bleed in the street, and when the perpetrator was probably some grown man and not another teen at all. Ridiculous.

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