Memphis Animal Shelter closed due to Parvo

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Animal Shelter is closed after positive tests for Paravovirus.

Eight animals so far have been euthanized for the virus.

Fourteen has been removed by adoption groups.

Paravovirus is highly contagious and causes moderate to sever vomiting, decreased appetite, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Treatment is variable but typically includes fluid therapy, antibiotics and anti-vomiting medication.

All unvaccinated dogs are at risk of infection with the virus.

The facility was closed without notice Saturday in order to complete the deep cleaning to contain the virus.

A spokesperson for MAS said they are tackling the problem aggressively and proactively.

Each Animal Care Technician is trained to complete an evaluation request for any pet in their area showing signs of illness or injury.

Dr. Shanna Wall said, “We will continue to monitor each of the pets under our care for any symptoms of clinical disease. We appreciate all of our supporters and adopters and ask for your patience with our effort to protect the remainder of the shelter population.”


  • Ellie

    This is nothing but Rogers making an opportunity to kill more animals. This man needs to be removed from his position immediately.

      • Ellie

        Rogers has attempted to ban Memphis animal rescue groups from helping at the shelter. The animals in the hold area (many of these animals are never seen by the public before being euthanized) rely on Memphis Pets Alive and other rescue groups. It was only after a massive campaign that we were allowed back into the shelter. And the first case was reported at least a week ago, and they waited this long to report and attempt to clean up. They are cleaning up by euthanizing every dog that shows symptoms. Dog rescue groups have been in full action today getting as many out as they can.

        There are documented cases of shelter workers euthanizing the animals in the hold area while their owners were in the waiting room expecting to be reuinted with their pet. The rescue groups are doing everything we can to help the shelter by getting animals to foster homes and reuniting lost pets with their owners. Rogers has been downright hostile towards us.

        We’re doing all we can but the outrage of citizens is needed to bring true change here. I hope you’ll both take the time to research MAS and their policies in recent months. Euthanizion records are available, and they’ve sky rocketed since Rogers was placed in charge.

        Thank you both for being so mature in your disagreement with me, also. I appreciate being refered to as a girl and an idiot.

    • Pam

      Oh yeah I’m real sure he went in there and infected animals with something. Get a grip on yourself girl. It’s just like T.B. in a school, one scrub comes in sick and suddenly the whole place got to be closed and cleaned up. Life goes on.

      • Ellie

        I was attempting to comment to both you and Joe. In the spirit of not double posting I’ll refer you to the above response. Thank you, ‘girl’.

    • Jim Donahue

      You are one SICK person that lives with Rose colored Glasses. Get Real Ellie, The Shelter is doing what they can do with all the problems that people bring through the front door.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Keep it closed! There has been nothing but controversy regarding this place for the past five years with no real solution in sight. Keep it closed, maybe then the people complaining about it all the time will figure out what to do with all the stray animals running our streets.

  • Conya

    Paravovirus? What terrible journalism. It is sad, but PARVOVIRUS outbreaks happen. However, there are ways to prevent it. With all of the horror stories over the years , it would not be surprising if proper vaccination and isolation protocols weren’t followed. So sad they can’t get things straight at MAS.

  • Pest Control

    How much did lil ac whoreton spend on this place 9 million . . . .11 million?? Did they think the place wouldbe self-cleaning or what?

  • Chris

    It is all very sad, Parvo is a serious issue, and difficult to clean up and stop the spread. I would hope that nothing like this was introduced to reduce population in the facility as others have suggested. I cant even imagine someone who do that.

  • Get a Life

    @Chris. your tinfoil hat needs replacing and you shouldn’t listen to sick animal activists. You know that have mental problems..

    • Get A Life

      @CONYA, Please tell us non DVMs the proper vaccination and isolation protocols. Do tell and enlighten us. Remember the animals don’t belong to the City of Memphis for 72 hours and they can’t, by law, do an of the vacs. til then. Right? You do remember?

  • Jean Walter

    Dogs can survive Parvo, but it will consume a lot of time and monitoring. but if you love your dog it’s nothing.

    Jean Walter

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