House on crumbling cliff burns

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HILL COUNTY, TX — The luxury home that was teetering on the edge of a cliff overlooking Lake Whitney was burned down on Friday.

City leaders met Thursday to discuss options for demolishing the structure before it fell into the water, in order to minimize the amount of debris that would go into the lake.

The chalk-like rock underneath the home started eroding away last year, eating into the property along Overlook Court. Authorities first learned about the situation in February.

The home’s owners — Robert and Jenyce Webb — are from Florida and moved out two weeks before the ground started to collapse.

They only used the home part-time. The home was built in 2007 and valued at around $800,000.

The Hill County Sheriff’s Office stated that this was the only house in jeopardy at this time.

However, the Army Corp of Engineers are keeping a close eye on other nearby properties along the north shore of the lake.