Germantown woman arrested in underwear, charged with attempted murder

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. -- A Germantown woman is charged with attempted murder and a list of other offenses after barricading herself in her home for five and a half hours.

A SWAT team finally busted down Susan Parker's door to arrest her.

Parker is accused of firing a gun at her neighbor.

The stand-off happened between 12:20 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. on Holly Hill cove near Kirby and Poplar.

For the Germantown SWAT team, enough was enough.

Officers forced their way into her house and minutes later emerged with Parker handcuffed, wearing only her underwear.

“It’s very unusual for a naked lady to be escorted out of a house in handcuffs,” said neighbor Jim Warner.

The woman kept everyone in suspense for hours.

“It’s captivated the whole neighborhood,” said Robert Hiatt, who drove to the neighborhood to watch.

Officers were there because police say she got into a fight with her neighbor in Poplar Estates and fired a gun.

“There was two shots fired and somebody got pistol whipped,” said Hiatt.

Police say the woman only suffered minor injuries, got away and called police.

When officers showed up, Parker refused to come out.

“We want to talk to her and get her to come out and talk to us,” said Germantown Deputy Police Chief Rodney Bright.

The ordeal went on for so long and negotiations weren't working, so the SWAT team shot at her door with some kind of tactical device.

Neighbors called the arrest a success.

“The suspect, I guess you would call her that, is apparently alive and walked out of the house,” said Warner. “Based on what I’ve seen, I think they`ve done an excellent job.”

Parker was arrested on a warrant from last August for an identity theft and fraud charge.

Germantown police told WREG she refused to come out of the house for that charge also.

Parker is now charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

She was also wanted on two warrants out of Shelby County; One for theft and another for violating her probation.

Her bond is set at $750,000. Her next court appearance is scheduled for July 16.


  • Don

    Hey Tony Armstrong, Germantown knows how to handle a barricade.
    For the Germantown SWAT team, enough was enough. Officers forced their way in to her house and minutes later emerged with Parker handcuffed. These guys know what to do and how to do it.
    It want be long be before Armstrong will be gone, and hopefully Memphis will have a real Director.

      • whitesRdevilsanhypicrites

        1Midtownmike Did you notice this wildebeast had multipl. EXISTING warrants for theft? Don’t worry when they finally catch up with you for those indecent expsoure warrants you will be just like your sister here. Btw, you really should use an ip scrambler. Soon mike very soon.

    • hank Jr.

      First off, Memphis is a whole lot more dangerous than Germantown. So they have the time and resources to be on a scene all day because I’m pretty sure this is all the action they are going to see for a while. The kind of force Germantown showed equaled something that is more suitable for cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, etc.

  • Evette

    What…a white woman from G’town charged with attemped murder…
    I bet charges will be downgraded before the
    sun comes up….the gun accidentally went off.
    No….the dog did it!

  • I'mSusanParkerB@t©hes!

    “I told you to stay off me grass! Now you gone make me go granny Oakley!!”

    BAM! BAM! BAM!

  • Skeptic

    Channel 3 comes up with the most idiotic headlines. What difference does it make that she was arrested in her underwear.

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  • Adios

    You mean like the entire planet is sick of the lazy, entitled-feeling, want-something-for-nothing cave beast that’s infected the planet with your destructive technology and your greed? Kill yourself.

  • blahblahblah

    I have to ask since she was found in her underwear…were they filming an episode of COPS? All the perps on that show are shirtless or less.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Yikes! You didn’t have to show that footage. We would have taken your word for it – this time, at least!

  • 122811

    Another arrest in Germanhood… there have been plenty of crimes just not reported to the news……

  • 122811

    Germanhood… its plenty of crimes they just dont report… i know im married to a germantown police officer and most are white… please get your facts together before you post lies….thanks

    • Just saying, too

      So true about the under/non-reporting. A lot goes on in Cordova and Bartlett, too. Very serious crimes that should not only make local news, but national news. Memphis is terrible, but so is the suburbs…there are just different types of crimes, but no less heinous and certainly not limited to any group of people.

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