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Why did it take two fires to begin trolley safety overhaul?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- We learned this week it will cost taxpayers either $6 million or as much as $40 million to bring the city's popular trolley line back online.

Are there legitimate questions to be asked about how the trolley system was allowed to deteriorate to the point that it took two trolley car fires to realize the system was getting old and needed some upkeep?

The Informed Sources team shares their thoughts.


  • Sickofthelazyracist ni-gg-ers

    News 3 that’s about the du-mbest question you could ask. Is that a surprise? Nope. Look what is running the city. We are in boonville

    • Dr. JohnS

      I hate to appear dumb but what is boonville? Is it something only your kind would know? Not sure I understand what is meant by “what is running this city.” I really thought we had people and people are either who or whom. I only have a Ph.D. excuse me for appearing dumb.

      • MemphisDad

        The sesame street dogma runs deep in this one. Stop ignoring the facts. When blacks run things…things don’t run.

  • takenobull

    Well the leaders of Memphis have no clue the city is broke when they buying professional ball fields and other nick nacks

  • Don

    (QUESTION) Why did it take two fires to begin trolley safety overhaul?

    • fkrock

      These Melbourne cars operate safely elsewhere. A basic mistake was made by MATA. These cars originally had trolley poles with a rope attached that could pull the pole off the wire in case of a problem in the car wiring. The pantograph installed by MATA has no provision to pull it off the wire to stop current flow in case of a short circuit in car wiring.

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