Cameras catch MPD officers breaking the law

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG cameras captured a group squad cars parked outside a downtown sub shop, and only four were parked legally. Two even parked in front of fire hydrants.

“No one else can park like that,” one frustrated driver said. “Why should they park like that?”

News Channel 3 also took pictures of the officers inside the sub shop eating lunch. Video shows those same officers going back to the illegally parked squad cars about a half hour later.

“If they’re trying to tell us how to park, not park on the sidewalks and things, they don’t need to park like that,” another driver said.

WREG reached out to the Memphis Police Department about it. The department sent a statement saying, “MPD does not condone officers illegally parking unless they are handling calls.”

A police officer News Channel 3 spoke to said officers feel pressure to park nearby so they can respond to calls quickly.

However, he called day-shift officers lazy and said it’s frustrating when his coworkers break the law they are paid to enforce.

That’s an opinion drivers agree with.

“If they catch us parking like that, we’re going to get locked up or get a ticket,” a driver said. “So, I think the police should get a ticket too if they park like that.”

MPD said if the officers in the video are reprimanded, it will be handled internally.


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