Cameras catch MPD officers breaking the law

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- WREG cameras captured a group squad cars parked outside a downtown sub shop, and only four were parked legally. Two even parked in front of fire hydrants.

"No one else can park like that," one frustrated driver said. "Why should they park like that?"

News Channel 3 also took pictures of the officers inside the sub shop eating lunch. Video shows those same officers going back to the illegally parked squad cars about a half hour later.

"If they're trying to tell us how to park, not park on the sidewalks and things, they don't need to park like that," another driver said.

WREG reached out to the Memphis Police Department about it. The department sent a statement saying, "MPD does not condone officers illegally parking unless they are handling calls."

A police officer News Channel 3 spoke to said officers feel pressure to park nearby so they can respond to calls quickly.

However, he called day-shift officers lazy and said it's frustrating when his coworkers break the law they are paid to enforce.

That's an opinion drivers agree with.

"If they catch us parking like that, we're going to get locked up or get a ticket," a driver said. "So, I think the police should get a ticket too if they park like that."

MPD said if the officers in the video are reprimanded, it will be handled internally.


  • Hard Truths

    We don’t live under the rule of law when police enjoy illegal privileges like this. We live in a police state.

    We are living in a police state, and no one in city government is willing to take on the MPA. They need a criminal RICO suit filed against them.

    • James

      It’s perks of the job you tool! You don’t like it, put your sorry a** through the academy and put up with the s**t we do.

      • TK

        Perks? How is illegal activity, however minor, a job “perk”? Particularly when you’re a gov’t employee. As for the “s**t you do”, you signed up for it. We didn’t.

      • James

        Yeah, we signed up and were promised certain things. Now because of idiots in this city voting incompetent people into office, they want to change the rules. You want to treat city workers like the private sector than you need to PAY like the private sector! Besides does Channel 3 have nothing better to do than stupid stories like this? I agree with other posts, must have taken their parking space at Lenny’s.

      • willie jones

        Yep. Memphis has voted MANY incompetent officials to office, and the city is paying the price. But, it looks like they have also allowed numerous incompetents into MPD! The city should solve some of the budget deficiency by making cuts at MPD. FIRE THE INCOMPETENTS! FIRE THE LAWBREAKERS! Society has rules, regulations and laws that EVERYONE must follow.

      • Dominique

        You jerk. It’s illegal to park in front of fire hydrants for a reason. The hydrant is not a “reserved” sign for police parking. If you want respect, obey the laws like we all have to.

        Yeah yeah…your response…”screw you, Dominique!”

      • Hard Truths

        Screw you, James. If you enforce the law, OBEY THE LAW.

        Memphis police have earned a reputation for lawlessness, thuggery, incompetence, and corruption. You have lost all credibility with the public. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER or bad things will happen to you.

        You have NO excuses left, and we have ZERO TOLERANCE for your continued abuse of the law and of the public.

      • bambam84

        You don’t like it? Quit. Nobody’s holding you to a job you hate but you.
        As far as the,”Changes in procedures and promises,” this is politics we’re speaking here. Anything to do with the city, state, or federal government,”Changes,” from year to year.
        Yet civilians are the ones who never know what we want. Swearing, name calling and complaining about your job. Typical city employee.
        I’ll save you the trouble.
        “Screw you, BamBam84.”

      • Jane

        Screw you James. Another loser crooked MPD officer with an attitude that clearly implies that power inflated his ego and he believes he should be treated better then the very ppl who pay taxes also known as your paycheck. So Fuck off.

    • atnomas

      Why are you so concern about where the officers park? Do you worry when they’re coming to your beck and call, they can park on my grass and eat at my house as long as they are protecting and serving. By the way officers eat too. Get you some business whom ever took this picture.

  • kay

    i admit they were wrong but if that’s the worst thing they do during their career, what is the big deal? they will get reprimanded, no doubt due to the publicity of it.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      kay, I agree wIth u too. when I was a server In okla I dont know how many tImes ambulance, polIce or fIremen came In to eat,.got theIr meal Interrupted, had to run to a call. unless theyr off duty, theIr meals get Interrupted all the tIme. very.seldom do they really get to ENJOY a leIsurely meal whIle on the clock. thats why u see them half the tIme In a drIve thru…eat on the run.

  • joe

    what about news 3 van when it is parked illegally to get that “big story”. Is your equipment so antiquated you have to have your van right by the story you are covering.

    • Whycome

      No kidding!!!! I would encourage all police to keep a special eye on News Channel 3 vehicles to make sure they keep the law wherever they park their vehicles.

  • Joker

    Oh did MPD park in News Channel 3 illegal parking spots in front of Lenny’s before the camera van could? Please wake me if channel 3 becomes a news station again.

  • Young

    would you want them walk a block away to go eat and then they get a call where someone is in danger and have to run all the way back to vehicle, response time is a big issue. if you was being held at gun point, wouldn’t you want him to get to you as soon as possible. they are not implementing they are over the law, they park that close just in case they get a call that way they can save lives, instead ya’ll have nothing better to do but try to make them look bad. it would be different if they was off duty. yea what a great big story.

  • Unknown

    Channel 3 vans park illegally all the time in front of 201 poplar and at crime scenes I’d try to reach out to their supervisors but I’m sure I’d get no answer. Is it just me or is it obvious they hate police.

  • Pest Control

    Police have very tough jobs that they signed up for. They can have my parking space so that they can do what they need to do, when they need to do it! EVERYDAY there is violence in this crazy city. Channel 3. . . .I don’t see ya’ll doing nothing good about that.

  • this city is a joke

    You cant argue with people that honestly dont know what the hell theyre talking anout. Its not worth tje time. Not only do we not get pissed off at the media for reporting insignificany b/s that doesnt mean a hell of beans, we dont hold the people we pay accounyable. Tell u what, sound off on some of this stupis sj/t going on thats hettn ready to mess your lives up amd your grandchildren. Quit gettn sucka puncjed and side swiped!

  • this city is a joke

    Channel 3, yall are so sorry. Whenever your people cant find a shooting or an interview with worst lookn person in the neighborhood, you come at us with this mess. Find real reporters that report real news. And not this MEDIA TAKEOUT TYPE SH*T. gossip site!

  • Hard Truths

    It is a LOT more than illegal parking that has made the people of Memphis SICK AND TIRED of this sorry police force.

    Read between the lines. We don’t like these thieves, thugs, drug dealing, sexual predators, power-tripping a-holes.

  • Hard Truths

    Read between the lines. This is about A LOT MORE than privileged bullies parking in front of fire hydrants.

    The public has lost faith in you, MPD, because of your thie ves, th ugs, se xual predators, d rug dealers, th ieves, wife- bea ters, ex tortionists, drunk dri vers, etc.

  • john

    Wow people complaining about police parking are the ones killing Memphis one stupid / racist event at a time.

  • Sickofthelazyracist ni-gg-ers

    Waiting on a shooting? That happens nonstop. They need a change of pace and they did a good job. When in a police that give you the right to do “Anything” right?

  • Citizen

    There is absolutely nothing legal, ethical, or fair for that matter about law enforcement of any kind. The whole idea of expecting and even depending on any human being, regardless of race creed or color, to enforce laws created by man, not only on citizens but on themselves, is flawed to say the least. Human nature at its core is self preservation. We all want the best of everything that we can have for ourselves. Somewhere through human history, we started deciding that simply making enough of everything to go around lessened the value of what we already possess. We then decided that it is a lot easier to lessen the value of, or take away from others to make what we have more valuable or just plain better. This is the root of racism, sexism and classism. Law enforcement officers, or should I say employees since they all get paid to do it anyway, are not exempt from human nature and the desire to want more or better for themselves. Even if it is as simple as parking where us “normal folk” aren’t supposed to. I do not know how this embedded behavior can or will be changed. But if something is not done soon, this same affinity for self preservation, and this desire to have more will definitely bring about lawlessness and rebellion from all who have been made to feel like anything less than an equal to everyone else.. Prepare!

  • Adam

    I see agree’s and disagree’s. Yes, they need to respond to calls quickly. BUT, what if there’s a fire and the fire dept has to get there to do THEIR job?

  • Joe Bo

    Gee wizz, sometimes a Police Officer responding to a call can mean life or death for citizens. If parking a squad car close by is a problem for some of you, then next time you call 911, better hope the Officers don’t have to run down a city block to get to his squad car to try to save your life.

  • John

    That business owner appreciates the police officers and use to advertise with channel 3 but they don’t anymore. Sounds like it’s time to replace the old worn out news media way of thinking that thought this was a news worthy story when all it did was offended most of their viewers and customers.

  • Kevin

    also … News watch 3 , please find something that’s news worthy to write about. You guys are getting worse and worse by the day …. if it’s not race baiting, it’s this mess. This is not news

  • Kevin

    this reporter KATIE should find her another line of work … she’s the most sorry reporter ever. She need to ran back up to the Carolinas. She has no business trying to report news.

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