Photo of graduate breast feeding goes viral

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A college graduate’s picture with part of her breast exposed is causing a firestorm online. However, she’s not dressed lewdly – she’s feeding her newborn baby.

The picture quickly went viral after it was posted online, and people have strong opinions. Some find it inappropriate.

“I don’t think she should do it in public,” one man said. “It doesn’t look nice.”

Others found it perfectly normal.

“There are far more offensive things than a natural breast feeding,” another man said.

Mother of four Brenda Benson said she supports breast feeding in public, but thinks the graduate should have covered up.

“If she had the maternity wear where you can wrap it across you and then breast feed, that would have been perfect,” Benson said.”

Some health officials in Memphis are applauding the woman’s decision.

“It didn’t alarm me at all,” Helen Scott with Le Bonheur said. “In fact, I was excited she was able to do that for her baby.”

Scott also notes the many health benefits of breast feeding.

“It protects the baby against ear infections, respiratory infections, stomach bugs, and mothers against breast cancer, ovarian cancer, diabetes and the list goes on.”

Regardless of people’s views on the matter, Tennessee law is clear. Women are allowed to breast feed wherever they choose.

However, public opinion remains divided.

“I don’t think they should do it at all,” a man said of breast feeding. “They’ve got milk bottles now.”

Another countered, “It’s a natural function. Actually, I think it’s unnatural to mix up formula.”

There are resources available for women who are breast feeding in Memphis. You can call the Tennessee Breast Feeding Hotline at 1-855-423-6667.


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