Man killed by train identified

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A train hit and killed a man Thursday afternoon.

It happened off Fite Road, between Raleigh-Millington Road and Highway 51.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s says it’s investigating what happened and how.

Shelby County fire officials say the man, 50-year-old James Ivy, was killed while walking on the tracks and may be have been intoxicated.

Witnesses say Ivy made no attempt to avoid the train.


  • Don

    People, try to stay away from the trains, The tracks are made for long trains that are hauling everything and can not stop unless the engineer can see a long way, Most of the time that is a mile or over. They have speed limits as motorist, in most towns the limit is what the autos have 35 to 50 mph.
    If the crossing is not gated you are on your own, be sure to stop, look and listen. The trains will sound their whistle long way from the crossing. this is the law.
    I used to work for a company who went to DE-rail sites where the trains left the tracks and were thrown as far as 100 feet or more from the tracks, all of which had to be unloaded and hauled to where they could be loaded onto another train or warehouse.
    Since then I have made a practice stop at least 50 feet from the rails even at the one that had gates and red lights blinking.
    My prayers are for the family of the person who was killed. May he RIP.

  • Daniel

    I’m not sure what they mean by “routine run of cars” it was one of our local working trains that was headed south. These trains don’t stop on a dime which most people don’t understand. If you walk out on the rail you are putting your life on the line.

  • Hard Truths

    Memphis needs more overpasses and underpasses. We are the only city in the country with so many grade crossings.

    Also, I’m tired of trains STOPPING on the east-west corridor south of Poplar. Isn’t there a law that they have to get off the crossing in five minutes? Why is the law not being enforced? Do railroads have that much CLOUT? Are they above the law?

    • Ric

      Agree with your assessment of the grade crossing issue along the Poplar Ave rail corridor that belongs to Norfolk Southern. It is absolutely insane that there are only five non-grade crossings (I-240, Ridgeway, US 72, TN 385, and TN 57) between Highland in Memphis and the new intermodal facility in Piperton. TN 57, east of the existing mainline bridge crossing, has a brand new double track grade crossing feeding the intermodal yard. Eastbound TN 57 traffic will probably be backed up to the crossover bridge when blocked at the intermodal crossing. How did that happen?

      As the intermodal yard gears up, get ready for major delays along the Poplar corridor. The passing/staging track runs from near Massey Road to Estate Drive. Trains are accelerating and decelerating constantly in that area, expect many, many more.

      Remember, the railroads were here first. So this is nothing but poor city planning, period. Want to see how to do it? Go look at Bartlett and the CSX corridor. After Covington Pike (Memphis) there are overpasses for both Bartlett Blvd and Kirby-Whitten before the line goes rural. Somebody was thinking, not so along Poplar Ave…….

      • Ric

        My bad!! TN 57 appears to have a “new” bridge over the double track yard entry between Piperton and Moscow from what I see on Google Earth. Was really wondering about that one when drove over it during initial construction!

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