Oh Henri! Brooks booked for assault

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- WREG has obtained the mugshot of Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks, who turned herself in to authorities Thursday evening after a warrant for her arrest was issued.

She is being investigated on a charge of simple assault.

She's accused of assaulting a woman during an argument over a parking spot.

The incident happened Tuesday in a parking lot at 1200 Union Avenue.

Liese Nichols told police Brooks cut her off and pulled into the parking space.

To avoid hitting Brooks' vehicle, Nichols said her car ended up going onto a curb and hitting a small tree.

Nichols said Brooks got out of the car and started yelling racial slurs at Nichols who apparently looks white, but says she is mixed.

As Nichols tried to take pictures with her phone, Nichols said Brooks grabbed her phone and then poured a bottle of water on her head.

Brooks told a police officer Nichols was the aggressor. Three witnesses, however, said it was Brooks.

"The Caucasian lady (the victim) got out and said you ran me up on the curve. She (Henri Brooks)  ended up throwing her bags back in the car, getting  some bottled water and emptying the water out, throwing it over the lady's back and on her head," said the witness.

We asked if she heard Brooks make any racial slur.

"She said, just because you are white you think you are above everybody," said the witness.

One woman told police she has video of the incident from her phone.

Nichols reportedly had a small bruise on her hand from where her phone was pulled away.

"We knew she was someone big. We didn't think someone in that position would do anything like this. It wasn't a black or white issue. What I saw was a wrong or right issue," the witness said.

Because Brooks is on the county commission and the commission partially funds the attorney general's office, a special prosecutor is being brought in.

Brooks is an employee at Methodist Hospital, which owns the parking lot where the incident took place.

"We have been made aware of an alleged incident involving one of our associates and are fully cooperating with law enforcement," said Jeff Moder a spokesperson for Methodist.

As Brooks walked into jail, she said nothing despite repeated questions from reporters.

“She maintains her innocence at this point,” said Andre Wharton, Brooks’ attorney.

Wharton is Mayor A C Wharton's son. His mom works on Brooks' current campaign for Juvenile Court Clerk.

The mayor expressed concern when Brooks made comments centered on race last month during a county commission meeting.

In one comment she looked at white commissioner Chris Thomas and said, “You with the sheet, the white sheet on?”

Then she alleged a roofing company may be discriminating against black people since most of its employees are Hispanic.

Pablo Pereya with the Hispanic Republic Alliance was at the meeting to discuss something else, but took the opportunity to speak up when he heard this debate.

“I see you guys smirking and laughing, like I’m not a minority,” Pereya said, addressing the commissioners. “I know what it’s like to be a minority. I grew up in Memphis, and I can tell you being a Hispanic in Memphis is definitely the minority of the minority.”

Commissioner Brooks fired back at Pereya, saying the struggles of Hispanics and African-Americans are not the same in this country.

“Don’t ever let that come out of your mouth again, because you know what? That only hurts your case,” she told Pereya. “Don’t compare the two. They’re not comparable.”

Pereya spoke with WREG about the meeting, “I was really shocked that type of terminology was coming from a community leader.”

Comparing Hispanics to African-Americans, Brooks also told Pereya, “You asked to come here. You asked to come here. We did not.”


  • Don

    She maintains her innocence at this point,” said Andre Wharton, Brooks’ attorney. Just looking for pity.
    Wharton is Mayor A C Wharton’s son. His mom works on Brooks’ current campaign for Juvenile Court Clerk.
    Brooks has a family of Lawyers, and a free campaign manager for Juvenile Court Clerk.
    If this doesn’t get the FBI investigation on Memphis corruption, Nothing will.

  • Sheisty Preacher

    Don’t worry about what she doing! What is Andrew Clark Sr, Donald Duck, or whoever else I can think of doing? She is exempt from any action that she takes! It’s for the greater good of our cause! leave this woman alone!

      • JB

        Shady preacher, you don’t have a cause. I don’t think the good Lord would want garbage like you wearing his company name tag. She is dumb. Stupid. Ignorant. Needs to be out of payroll from our local provinces. The only thing she above is a proper dentist- her teeth TOO BIG!

  • donthidebehindurscreen

    She & other black people who feel that way need to figure out what it is about them that makes them feel inferior to White/Hispanic people. She’s an ignorant piece of trash who somehow got in the position to hold an office when she should have been holding a basket of fries instead. She’s definitely McDonald’s material!!

    • willie jones

      YES! Well put & totally correct! If Memphis wants to clean blight – start with moving this cow out. Only place she needs to lead people is – move her to Detroit and send her to the sewer rats!

  • Denise Howard

    I have watched Otis Sanford’s commentary for some time now. Most often I agree with his thoughts on news items of controversy. Today, the subject was on Henri Brooks and her allegedly assault over a parking space. To me Otis Sanford seem to go overboard on stating what and how elected officials should act in public and the private sector of life. I suggest to let the courts have their say before any set conclusions are made by anyone before hand. In the end she like other elected officials are still human. I also suggest news personnel should focus more so on the criminal activities of this community. That way citizens can become more informed on issues surrounding violence which is more apt to occur to them on a daily basis, ex: robberies, thefts, kidnappings. WREG should focus on these thoughts and happier events instead. A Memphis Citizen on your side.

      • LaCantrell J

        She probably went to a former MCS school, thus attempting to learn “Eubonics”. Denise does have a point though – focus on the criminal activities, like old lady Brooks lying about her residency to hold office. Officials need to push this investigation, and let due process and the judicial system decide how long Brooks should be in jail for the civil charges of assault. Additionally, in the military, it is possible that you loose EVERYTHING when you screw up doing wrong. I think Brooks should forfeit any medical benefits, pension plans, etc. for her actions.

  • yvonne steverson

    why is calling someone white or black hispansic or nonhispanic a racial slur, that is how America classify humans,every official document use these words people in . other countries are called by the country or region where they live.america needs to come out of black,white,hispanic,non Hispanic and call humans Americans.all human share a common gene .get educated. esw

    • MissTee

      Only because it had no relevance to the situation. If she brought up race (after running someone up on the curb), she was making it about race.


    What a reprehensible human being. Would be an absolute joke anywhere but Memphis, where even the Mayor and family are sticking by her. That says a lot.

  • John G

    What gets me about all this is A.C.Wharton.He was quick to comment on the Donald Sterling affair but has no comment on her past outbursts at the County Commission and the most recent event.Granted she has not had her day in court but with three people who seen this event it is obvious that this “Lady” has some racial issues and some anger problems
    When we elected our Mayor he is supposed to be all citizens side not just one person,whose wife is trying to get this “Lady” elected to Juvenile Court Clerk.No wonder Memphis will never get over our Racial issues it is because we
    keep putting these people back in office.

  • Phyllis

    She needs to go, she again made a racist statement yesterday to the commissioners, saying it was high tech lynching, this woman is so full of hate she should be sidelined from any public office of any kind. Also, AC Wharton you have yet again tainted yourself, you said most of the black community would agree with her, as mayor of Memphis, you should be ashamed of yourself, and I hope all the people that voted for you see what you are and how you have acted. As for minorities, we the whites are the minority in Memphis just in case everyone is blind.

  • Phyllis

    She should not even be voting on anything since she does not live in the district that she represents, and she is still spilling hate. I just want everyone to look around Memphis, TN, and tell me who the minorities are. She is a racist, hateful woman, who is so angry inside, she needs mental health evaluation. Sad part about it, AC Wharton said that he believed most of the black folks of Memphis would agree with her, what is his problem. He needs to distance himself from this woman. I feel sorry for the white kids in Juvenile court if she becomes clerk. Do I agree with what happened years ago, NO, but I was not born here had nothing to do with it, every country had slaves two hundred years ago EVERY ONE OF THEM, and there are still slaves in some parts of the world.

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