Three teenagers possibly swept away in drainage ditch

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Firefighters responded to a report of three teenagers stuck in a flooded drainage ditch Thursday night.

The ditch is in the 4300 block of Hilldale Avenue, by the Greenline.

A witness said the teenagers, all boys, were playing around near the water.

She warned them it was dangerous, and the next thing she knew, they were swept away.

One of the boys was reportedly wearing a red shirt.

Parents are asked to call 545-2677 if they can't find their children, or if their children's clothing was soaked.

If you know where your children are, ask them if they were in a storm drain around 6:45 p.m. This may help investigators in their search.

Rescue crews said they plan to search from Hilldale Avenue all the way to the Wolf River for signs of the teenagers.


    • Pam

      Flash flood probably came up so fast. Little trickle of water turns to 2 foot deep river in 30 seconds then it’s too late to climb out. Very sad I hope they find them.

    • blahblahblah

      There is not confirmation that they actually were stuck. Some lady, told them it was dangerous and claims to see them swept away. They could have climbed out anywhere and went home. I hope nothing bad has happened, but there is no indication that something actually has happened. Just a lot of time and money spent

  • moe

    Noone was washed away
    this was simply an over exaggerated police report. Its 11pm and noone has any idea who these kids’ parents are or any information about them. You would think one of the parents would have called police for a missing child report sometime around 8pm but none were reported. The situation is simple, the rain came and the kids began running home. The person who called in this report then went to check if they were alright and they simply werent there. BECAUSE THEY RAN HOME!!!
    I saw these kids on the greenline earlier and my buddy knew one of them which a name was provided for. I have already filed my account with investigators, just got home and they are on their way to the kids house to find him tucked in bed and most likely sick from being out in the rain. Every piece of information I was able to gather from their conversations leads to a very reasonable outcome. THEY ARE HOME AND IN BED. But, this is what makes men and women of the law so respected in my book. They will NEVER give up until justice and peace of mind is secured for all. (Most of them atleast)
    God bless and have a great night

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