Should yoga pants be banned from school?

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. – More and more schools are asking whether yoga pants should be banned as daily wear.

A school district in Henrico County, Va is looking at banning the exercise wear.

One of the proposed changes would specifically ban students from wearing yoga pants.

Yoga pants are tight, form-fitting pants designed to be worn during activities that require bending and stretching.

However the pants are often worn causally by women and young girls.

“It’s not to say that we’ve gone into the store, picked out a garment and said ‘hey we’re going to ban this one now,’” Henrico Schools spokesman Andy Jenks explained. “But in previous codes of conduct, the dress code was written in such a way that it was open for interpretation. In this proposal, we’re making it clear so that this article of clothing can be enforced consistently.”

Jenks said the yoga pants ban, along with many rules in the Code of Student Conduct, is designed to create a learning environment free from unnecessary distractions.

“We’ve gotten some comments specifically pertaining to yoga pants,” Jenks said. “That seems to be one of the things that’s easy to notice when you look at some of the brand new changes.”


  • Bold Truth

    I think it’s a good idea to ban them. School is a place for learning, not a place to express your taste in clothing. Let’s get back to what is important, educating our children.

    • Aggravated Citizen

      If school isn’t a place to express your taste in clothing, then why are you worried about people wearing athletic wear? I think the schools are getting overly concerned with what students are wearing. There are schools where students are being suspended over the color of their socks, number of buttons on their polo style shirts, or even the shade of brown of their belts.

      I see your point, but when will enough be enough with dress codes? When will people expect the students to learn to control themselves and be responsible for their own education by paying attention to expectations?

      I would also like to know what was said about yoga pants. What were the concerns? When most of us were in school, we learned to dress ourselves in appropriate manners and didn’t need anyone banning articles of clothing because the dress code was based upon what skin was allowed to show or not. Students will grow into adults one day and need to know how to discern appropriate attire. The teenage years are part of learning and growing into an adult. Parents are the ones who are supposed to be responsible for their children’s clothing. The school does not supply these items, pay for the clothes, nor should they ever be expected to do so. A school’s job is to educate the student in academic and social matters.

      If we’re worried about someone being “pantsed” (having their pants pulled down by another person) then the perpetrator of that action is the one who should be in trouble, not the victim. (When I was in high school, drawstring clothing was a hot topic for a while because of this phenomenon. The odd issue was that it was the victim who got into trouble–NEVER the person who did it.)

      • Bold Truth

        I’ll put it plain and simple. School is a place of discipline and education not for a fashion statement period. Rules have been around for ages and it seems like everyone is getting their feelings hurt nowadays. Come to school with proper attire. In other words, dress your children for success. You wouldn’t show up to a interview with a Fortune 500 company with yoga pants, so don’t do it in school. School is where it begins and people have forgotten it. Everyone wants to be an individual and doesn’t mean squat in the real world. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, green or blue. If you don’t like the rules, educate your own kids. These teachers have enough problem already in the schools. The last thing they need to worry about is yoga pants.

  • this city is a joke

    To the idiot above you are part of the problem in the bigger picture. Rules equal order. If you disagree then let yours stay at home with you!!!! If I say no green socks….then NO GREENsocks ssicks. SIMPLE DIREC

    • Becky docherty

      Yoga pants are not any different than old polyester pants years before, except yoga pants are made to be more stylish now and usually in slimming dark colors. We need to teach our kids to wear apprioate sizes; to small sizes for their bodies or to large sizes. Let’s remember to compliment our children when they look nice and put thumbs down to adults who looks at our children bodies with such detail.

  • Really

    First and foremost, they ate fully covered up you cannot see body parts being exposed. So what’s the big deal they need to be focused on education. It shouldn’t matter what kids wear as long as they are not revealing . EDUCATION IS THE KEY HERE !!!!!!!!!!

  • The Real Nonya

    It’s a rule so the old men in charge don’t have to walk around all day “pitching a tent.” The just can’t control themselves the perverted old b@stards.

  • Pam

    I have an idea. We could ban all African Americans from school. Graduation percentages would go up, test scores would improve!

  • goofyduck

    I believe that the teachers have or need to stop looking at boys and girls and do the teaching instead of fullfill their own fantacies. My point is the teachers be like that bb looks good in yoga or tight pants

  • Speechless

    This is actually sad. I recently graduated high school, and I can honestly say I wore yoga pants almost everyday. Why? Because I was required to wake up at the crack of dawn every morning, just to go and sit through 7 hours of pointless, boring classes. I wanted to be comfortable and yoga pants are definitely comfy. Being a typical teenager, I would hit my alarm 10 times, finally wake up 15 minutes before I needed to leave for school, and end up throwing on a pair of sweats and a tshirt. If I’m going to go to school to do busy work I might as well be comfortable.
    Yoga pants are more form fitted sweat pants- plain and simple. I’m sorry , but if you’re banning yoga pants because you don’t want to cause a distraction to young men, that is sad. First off, as ignorant as this may sound, if a young lady has a butt, it’s going to be shown in any type of pants she wears….secondly, ladies already can not wear anything without sleeves, anything low cut, and anything shorter than 4 inches from the knee. I agree with looking conservative and appropriate for school. But banning yoga pants of all things? How about focusing on an education that’s worth making a dress code for first, instead of filling our public schools with busy work and movies.

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