Mississippi Senate race heats up

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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. -- Change seems to be the new watchword for the super-close U.S. Senate race in Mississippi.

It comes after a tea party-backed candidate in Virginia beat one of the top Republicans in Congress in Tuesday’s primary there.

Supporters of Mississippi challenger Chris McDaniel say they’re more energized.

”I think people are tired of hearing that we need change and they’re looking for ways to produce the change,” Mississippi State Senator David Parker, a McDaniel supporter, said.

In fact, that’s reflected in McDaniel’s new ad, just out this week.

But supporters of longtime incumbent Thad Cochran have ramped up their campaign ads, too.

His DeSoto County campaign chairman refused comment on the race, but other supporters and Hernando Mayor Chip Johnson say Cochran has brought plenty of change, big and small.

”You can find I-269, you can find I-69, you can find a regional sewer plant, you can find a traffic signal at Commerce and McInvale in Hernando that was built with federal dollars."

Dollars Cochran managed to get.

While lots of people point to the Virginia race and talk about its implications for the coming runoff in Mississippi, others with more experience say it’s more likely Mississippi’s razor-thin primary was a warning shot for the Virginia race.

”I think Virginia should have been watching us and being a little more vigilant," said Johnson.

But that’s not stopping the candidates from using Virginia as a rallying cry.

A McDaniel fundraising letter out Wednesday speaks of beating Eric Cantor in Virginia.

”This is not really what I would call a tea party movement. It’s a conservative movement. Conservatives are united in the desire for change in government,” said Parker.

Still other observers say we could be witnessing the first signs of a shift in the Republican party.


  • Layla

    Does Desoto County realize what change actually means? Mississippi has the 3rd highest ranking senator and 2nd highest Republican Senator! There are NO term limits for Senators in any state! If we vote Cochran out, we will just lose any kind of federal aid. McDaniel will have NO power to change anything. He would be only 1 of 100 senators and at the BOTTOM (Freshman). Desoto County should rethink their voting, because they are also the county that backed Greg Davis.

    • Russ N

      That is a poor excuse to keep someone there. Miss. won’t lose much if any $, but they’ll gain someone in McDaniel who is more receptive to people’s needs and help this country overall.

      • Layla

        Really? So you are saying that McDaniel will still be able to get all the federal funds Senator Cochran has been getting? Not possible!!! Our shipyards will suffer, if they are even still there. Our military bases will decline. What about our education system? Teachers just received a pay raise after at least seven years of nothing. We get 1.5 billion (btw that’s a lot of money) from federal funding for education. McDaniel wants to eliminate that?

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