Train catches fire in Midtown

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  Hazmat teams were called to a train fire in Midtown early Wednesday morning.

Three cars were burning when firefighters arrived near Barksdale and York in the Central Gardens area.

Firefighters were able to bring the fire under control in about 45 minutes and discovered the cars only contained cardboard and other paper products.

The news was a relief to people who live in front of the tracks and know all too well what trains can carry.

"We have everything from passenger trains to tank and chemical cars," said Wayne Miller.

Some tanks next to the burning box cars did have some ethanol residue in them, but firefighters say it was never a real threat and there was no need to evacuate the neighborhood.

"They were never involved.  We covered and cooled those tanks to make sure they did not become involved," said Lt. Wayne Cooke.

Fire officials say the trains were sitting still when the fire started and there were several cars in between the first two box cars that caught fire and the third one.

They say the fires started inside the cars, and an investigation determined the fires were intentionally set.

"We are considering everything and nothing is being left unturned," said Lt. Cooke.

No word on damage estimates to the box cars and their contents.

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