Family says robbers forced their way into home, pointed gun at baby

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Two men are in jail after police say they followed a woman home, forced their way into her Hickory Hill home, and held up her family inside the apartment.

“I thought my life was gone. I thought that I was about to die,” said Cameron Echols, who was in his Hickory Hill home when his sister came into the house screaming his name.

“I came out the bathroom, turned around and seen a big ol' pistol. I'm wondering what`s he doing in my house. This is a family house,” said Echols.

Police say Tedarrius Thomas and Rodney Robinson followed Echols' sister home from a gas station on Hickory Hill Monday morning.

“I heard footsteps behind me, the guy put a gun to me and said, ‘Give me what you got.” said Echols’ sister, who did not want to be identified.

She says the men put a gun to her stomach, Cameron, and their tiny nephew, a sleeping baby boy.

“Can you describe what you were thinking, what you were feeling when you saw that gun pointed at your six-month-old nephew?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“I hope he don't pull the trigger,” replied Echols’ sister.

“That's a child, a child can't do nothing for you. What you going to get from a baby,” said another one of Echols’ sister, who also did not want to be identified.

The family says Thomas and Robinson got away with twenty bucks.

Thankfully, no one was hurt physically, but two days after the attack, the family is still terrified and tense.

“I ain't get no sleep, but I'll wake up and look around. Get up and lock the doors,” said Echols’ sister.

Echols is happy Thomas and Robinson are behind bars, where they'll stay for a while.

They both have a $1 million bond, after police spotted their car Tuesday.

“They are putting guns to folks babies. That ain’t right out here. We got folks out here got something to live for, not lose for,” said Echols.

Thomas and Robinson are also accused of robbing a man at the same gas station on Hickory Hill about an hour after they robbed the family.


  • gary ferguson

    They pointed the gun at the baby because they knew that the parents weren’t sober enough to fight back.

  • donthidebehindurscreen

    Quit tryin to nitpick and listen to the story, racist idiots I swear! Makes me sad to be white when I’m grouped in with fools like you!

  • Jimmy

    Black on Black crime is on the rise in Memphis. I know it. The city leaders know it. The Memphis Tourism group knows it. Thank God I moved from HIckory Hill. I sold my home at a loss but my only regret is making the ignorant decision to move there in the first place. If you choose to live in HIckory Hill today, you are stupid, plain and simple. Move ASAP before you or a family member is the next victim.

  • The Real Chris Williams Jr

    Sounds like one person on here is a wigger. Don’t fool yourself. It’s not being racist it’s just stating the TRUTH. Black on Black crime is out of control. But hey, look at Africa and the other places that have all that black on black crime Somalia. Welcome to the Jungle

  • Chris "Deuce" Williams II

    Two vicious beasts off the streets for a little while. Don’t fret folks, … they’ll be back terrorizing you before too long, thanks to you DA and local judiciary!

  • Doug

    Why does Elise put her name in almost all of her articles? Usually, a writer will say, “When asked to describe what she was feeling…” But Elise has to point out that it was her that asked the question. I don’t get it.

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