Can the Bake Pop make a tasty treat?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Dessert lovers can't get enough of bite-size cake-balls on a stick!

But are these tasty treats convenient enough to make at home?

The hot trend of cake pops make them a must have at birthday parties, baby showers even weddings!

What's not hot, the bakery price tag!

The Bake Pop claims to make these yummy treats without breaking the bank! But Does It Work?

Bake Pop comes with a baking pop cooking tray and 18 reusable pop sticks.

It claims you can use any cake mix and we noticed a few key baking tips including adding an extra egg to the mix, using milk instead of water, use baking spray with flour and add pudding.

We mixed in all the ingredients, paying close attention to the baking tips for a better result!

We sprayed thoroughly the top and bottom of the baking pan with the baking spray with flour and used the clasps that were included to secure the top and bottom of the pan.

Into the oven they went for 35 minutes.

When they came out the cake pops looked and tasted great, which means the Bake Pop PASSES.