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170 new jobs coming to Shelby County

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ARLINGTON, Tenn. -- If you're hunting for a job, there is good news for you. MicroPort Orthopedics in Arlington is expanding, bringing new jobs to the area.

Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bill Hagerty made the announcement Tuesday.

"Today we're here to announce 171 new jobs coming to this facility and $100 million in additional capital investments," he said.

MicroPort Orthopedics manufactures joint replacements, and since last November, has hired 97 new people at the Arlington facility.

"These jobs are high-tech, RND... the type of community that we really want to see thrive and grow," Hagerty said.

Out of the 171 new jobs being added, MicroPort is looking for entry-level positions up to executive level jobs, so there could potentially be something for everyone.

It's good news for a town that has been growing at an incredible rate.

Over the last ten years, Arlington's population has grown by nearly 350 percent.

Commissioner Hagerty said, with medical devices being Tennessee's number one export, the benefits from MicroPort's expansion will be far-reaching.

"I expect this to become further evidence to the fact that Tennessee is as competitive as any state can possibly be in this global arena."

MicroPort would not say what kind of salaries they will be offering new employees.

Hiring will begin in the next several months.


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