Native American site to become DeSoto’s newest tourist attraction

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WALLS, Miss. -- DeSoto County leaders say a little hill, covered in thick brush in the delta, will bring people to Walls in search of some of the region’s earliest history.

”There are all kinds of pottery pieces,” Brian Hicks of the DeSoto History Museum said as he showed off broken pieces of pottery and arrowheads.

He explainedthe area’s best example of a Native American mound holds all kinds of treasures.

”Native Americans lived here for over ten thousand years in this county. This is part of that culture and heritage that we need to preserve and show folks how people lived so many years ago."

The mound sits in a remote area in the farthest reaches of DeSoto County.

Experts say several mounds filled the land in the extreme northwest corner of DeSoto County.

The mound the county is interested in is said to be the most complete example left in existence.

That’s why DeSoto Supervisors have begun coordinating a project to put a historical marker here and provide motorists a place to pull over and learn about ancient history.

”The State’s gonna come in and work with us and we’re going to be creating an area where we can do a pullover. We’ll pull off and we’ll be able to look at the mound," said DeSoto County Supervisor Lee Caldwell.

She expects to tell the story of the Chicasaw tribe and their lives in the earliest days of DeSoto County.

A fence will keep people off the mound, but both Caldwell and Hicks say this so-called pile of dirt has an important story to tell.

”This is the best and most complete mount that has been surveyed in the last five hundred years,” Hicks explained.

It will link with a statewide tour of Native American Sites giving tourists a glimpse into the past.


  • The Real Nonya

    Wow, …..”surveyed in the last five hundred years.” What hyperbole. Five hundred years ago anyone with an idea of surveying were no where near this place ….. kind of like today.

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