Hernando man says he wasn’t “spoiler” in Senate race

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HERNANDO, Miss. -- People on both sides of Mississippi’s upcoming Senate runoff blame Thomas Carey for their extended campaign.

”My intention was to show the people of our great State of Mississippi there is somebody that cares for the people," Carey said.

Carey was the third candidate on the ballot, but first on the list, something experienced politicians say gave him an edge.

”Generally, nationally, it’s understood that the person at the top of the ballot, no matter who they are, gets about two percent just for being at the top of the ballot,” said Hernando Mayor Chip Johnson.

It wasn’t enough to win, but enough to drive a wedge between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel and throw the race into a runoff.

”Sounds crazy, but it does happen,” Johnson said.

That’s why some call Carey a spoiler.

”I didn’t run to be a spoiler. I mean, I don’t think anybody, not even Las Vegas odds makers, would have thought the State of Mississippi would be so polarized between the two,” he said.

Critics complain Carey didn’t ever campaign, not even with the first yard sign.

But Carey says they’re wrong.

He says he put all his effort into email and social media, and he says he had good reason.

”I didn’t have any money, to be honest with you."

He says his faith led him to run, and he thinks the runoff will be good for voters.

”People need to step back and really evaluate who they’re voting for."

Voters have until June 24th to do that.