Downed tree blocks street for days, neighbors say no one will clear it

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.-The nasty weather is to blame for keeping some Memphians from being able to drive up and down their street. A huge tree is blocking the roadway off Lamar and Airways, but it’s not just an inconvenience. The neighbors fear its dangerous!

A colossal, cracked tree isn`t in the middle of the forest, it`s blocking a neighborhood street off Lamar and Airways.

“Nightmare on Malone street, nightmare,” said Pernell Rogers who lives on Malone.

Heavy winds snapped the tree Thursday afternoon.

“Like a big old boom,” exclaimed neighbor David Childres.

It crashed onto Malone Street and a SUV.

But Sunday, three days later, the tree is still blocking the street.

“Children are in danger, adults are in danger,” said Rogers.

The tree used to stand in Pernell Rogers yard, now on its side, it towers over her. She fears if an emergency happens, ambulances can`t get through.

“It makes me feel totally helpless and responsible even though it`s an act of nature,” expressed Rogers.

There`s another problem with the downed tree. It also knocked out power to the street light, making it difficult for drivers at night.

“They cannot see the debris until you get up on it,” advised Rogers.

Rogers says most of her neighbors walk, but with tree in the middle of the street, they have to push back branches and step over other branches just to get by.

“The city should come cut it out of the middle of the street,” said Childres.

Rogers tells News Channel 3, she was told it`s city`s job to get the out of the street and then it`s her responsibility to clear it up after that. Rogers says she can’t get the city to move the tree.

“I`ve called every agency in the book,” said Rogers.

Without a response for days, neighbors like Childres are riled up.

“Do you feel like you`ve been neglected?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“Uh huh, I really do,” replied Childres.

“How does that feel?” asked Preston.

“Bad, I now understand how they felt in New Orleans when all that stuff went down. This don`t make no sense,” said Childres.

News Channel 3 is still waiting on a response from the city.


  • gary

    I live in a small town and when a storm hits and a tree is in the middle of the road it is almost immediately removed even if the storm is still going on . Your city leaders are not doing their jobs.

    • Harry

      Tell your neighbors sitting on the porch getting welfare checks and EBT cards to get the saws out and clean up your trashy neighborhood. We had two trees at two different times fall and block my street. My neighbors and I CLEARED it with no help from the government. But then again this is a neighborhood where people work for a living, not a dirty ghetto where everybody wants a hand out.

  • wendy foster zuniga

    You know im not surprised i will be in the meeting monday to say what i need to say and i encourage the same for all those who have been neglected to go as well. For more info about this contAct

    • Sheila

      Or better yet , Wendy. Rent a chain saw and get some of the lazy unemployed neighbors to help you clear the tree. Give me give me…free phone, free home, EBT cards, free daycare. What’s next? A free car and gasoline. Get off your lazy tails and clear the tree people. You don’t have a job so YOU have the time.

  • Chris Williams Junior

    What’s wrong with all the lazy bums living on that street?? A couple of chain saws and a few sturdy men will clear that street in a couple of hours!

    Get off your lazy butts and gitter done!

  • Fed up

    You know what’s sad? The fact that these people that live in this neighborhood are so dependent on the government!!! Good lord take some self initiative, grab or borrow a chainsaw and cut it up yourselves. The folks that are working to help you might be working in another neighborhood. JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. In this case your local neighborhood. Come together folks!!! There’s probably 10 or more homes on this block. I’m sure you all could have had it cut up in less the 2 hours. Come together work together to make a stronger, safer, and happier neighborhood. Basically I’m saying this, quit the crying and do something. In 1994 we had an ice storm. In my neighborhood alone we had a total of 7 downed trees one of which was on a home. Five of my fellow neighbors and myself bonded together to cut up all the trees to clear the street and the one on the house. Then the unbelievable happen. We came together to fix the elderly lady’s home. That’s how you come together. Take notes!!! Nothing pi$$es me off more than lazy people.

    • resa

      @FED UP, you are totally correct!! I agree with you. If we only had many, many many more people like you and me. This city would make a big differences. I don’t know what is wrong with people these days. The government is this invisible god to some people. They don’t understand the concept.

    • Strange001

      I hear you— no one has a chainsaw — time to go to the store ummm wait are you on welfare — well suffer

    • Harry

      Well said sir. I bet the neighborhood is full of garbage that everyone is too busy to pick up. Thank God I moved from Memphis to a town where neighbors help each other and don’t depend on the govt.

  • FacePalm

    About a month ago a tree was knocked over on the street I live on. After neighbors and I came home from work we all came together and cleaned it up. It was bigger than the tree in this story and within 24 hours is was cleaned up. While some cleaned up others got together and cooked food and set up a little buffet, kids were helping move small branches. One chain saw and a bunch of people cleaned up the tree then the city moved the debris. It was actually fun. So get off your butts and get to it.

  • Joe

    And this is whats wrong with Memphis! The idiots are depending on the gov’t or MLGW to clean up their personal property (the tree) which is laying on the street. If the city does anything I hope they charge it to the tree’s owner.

    Whenever this happens for me, I have to get out there with a chainsaw and limb cutters and get it cleared before the cars honk me to death, trying to pass. Its all part of personal responsibility. Something hood-rats know nothing about…

  • relinquish

    Um it fell out the home owner’s yard, that’s the person who should be getting it removed. Not the city. The thing, it won’t be free to remove that’s why it sits. Pathetic really. Let it stay there until it rots. I personally don’t care.

  • hank wesson

    we have to do things ourselves and stop depending on the city goverment so much how much are the nieghbors willing to pay my crew and i can cut it down charge the city later just call aspludah tree service we will be glad to cut that tree up

    • Common Sense

      Hank did I read you right ?You are going to take the neighbors money and then charge the City.See what I am talking about people.You pay Hank to cut up the tree,then he charges the City after you pay his company.Now how stupid is that.Hank,watch your step buddy you could land in jail double charging for services.Even Hank knows it’s the city’s job to clear the roads and streets.On another note,what if live power lines are under that tree.That neighborhood has a power outage.If you get electrocuted,the City will not pay your family a quarter because you volunteered to do their job,without written consent.Nothing is wrong,with helping your neighbor,but all people are not the same.Some are elderly,handicapped,or living on a fixed income.Just thank God you are not in one of those categories.I guess I am blessed to have excellent city response,to storm damage in my neighborhood.

  • Common Sense

    Blissful idiots,it’s the City of Memphis responsibility to clear the roads and streets.Sure it’s good if you can do it yourself.But ask yourself,why are your city taxes still one of the highest in the state.Ask yourself if you take crime prevention in your own hands,you could be sent to jail and the crook can even sue you.This city would be better,if we didn’t have too pay so much property taxes,fees and MLGW surcharges.I guess if your street drains clog up like most of ours do, you’ll get in the drain yourself and clean it out.And if your power is out because of a fallen tree,you collectively pay to get it back on.Listen,let the city do what we pay them for,and mind your own business.Stupid people don’t realize this city grants millions of your tax dollars to companies and services that we pay for.Not to mention we have business in Memphis that pay no property tax.Try to go a get a free hot dog at Redbird stadium,or The Fedx Forum that we paid for idiots.All this government needs is people like you.They can tax to death and provide less services,and lay off city workers because they expect you to do the work.Next City Hall will pass a law to lock you idiots up for not preforming what you pay them to do.

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