Downed tree blocks street for days, neighbors say no one will clear it

MEMPHIS, Tenn.-The nasty weather is to blame for keeping some Memphians from being able to drive up and down their street. A huge tree is blocking the roadway off Lamar and Airways, but it’s not just an inconvenience. The neighbors fear its dangerous!

A colossal, cracked tree isn`t in the middle of the forest, it`s blocking a neighborhood street off Lamar and Airways.

“Nightmare on Malone street, nightmare,” said Pernell Rogers who lives on Malone.

Heavy winds snapped the tree Thursday afternoon.

“Like a big old boom,” exclaimed neighbor David Childres.

It crashed onto Malone Street and a SUV.

But Sunday, three days later, the tree is still blocking the street.

“Children are in danger, adults are in danger,” said Rogers.

The tree used to stand in Pernell Rogers yard, now on its side, it towers over her. She fears if an emergency happens, ambulances can`t get through.

“It makes me feel totally helpless and responsible even though it`s an act of nature,” expressed Rogers.

There`s another problem with the downed tree. It also knocked out power to the street light, making it difficult for drivers at night.

“They cannot see the debris until you get up on it,” advised Rogers.

Rogers says most of her neighbors walk, but with tree in the middle of the street, they have to push back branches and step over other branches just to get by.

“The city should come cut it out of the middle of the street,” said Childres.

Rogers tells News Channel 3, she was told it`s city`s job to get the out of the street and then it`s her responsibility to clear it up after that. Rogers says she can’t get the city to move the tree.

“I`ve called every agency in the book,” said Rogers.

Without a response for days, neighbors like Childres are riled up.

“Do you feel like you`ve been neglected?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“Uh huh, I really do,” replied Childres.

“How does that feel?” asked Preston.

“Bad, I now understand how they felt in New Orleans when all that stuff went down. This don`t make no sense,” said Childres.

News Channel 3 is still waiting on a response from the city.


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