Do cotton gin supervisor’s racist comments reflect Memphis?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A white supervisor was recorded threatening to hang a black worker if he was caught drinking from a “white's only” fountain at, of all places, a Memphis cotton gin.

And were more ugly words and deeds in a story that not only has gone national, but has Memphis looking like a backwater town stuck in the Jim Crow era.

What does all this say about race relations in this city? What does this mean for our city's image? I asked my Informed Sources both those questions.


  • YellowDogJournalism

    What absolutely amazes me is how a story about hurtful words and a racist supervisor receives national attention while the over 500 black on white attacks go absolutely unreported. Milwaukee, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St Louis, New York, Boston, Atlanta, to name just a very few of blacks attacking whites. Nothing stolen, no arguments, just a black mob attacking and sucker punching people. And the majority of them are elderly, some have died, and many hospitalized. Three in Cincinnati alone this past week. The bias in the media in this nation defies belief. One bozo redneck is national news and yet hundreds of racist black on white crimes you get nada. What gives with this double standard?

    • Joe Bo

      Dogg if you are correct, tell us how did you found out about these crimes. Maybe you a truck driver? Problem is you telling a bold face lie, cus I watch national news.

    • TLW

      Clearly the conversation was beliefs regarding Memphis yet you mentioned every city but, the one being discussed. Can we get statistics or possibly even evidence?

  • SJ

    No. That manager felt he could get away with since nothing had been done about up till that point. This wasn’t the first time he spoke to a minority in that manner. It just the first time he was recorded. They company had no choice but to get rid of him. What about other incidents and complaints? Not only should that manager been fired but company has set themselves up for lawsuits.

  • ChrisJRisJohnsBitcz

    So sick of blacks whine and their mess. Just like they think they own the road. Drive slow in the fast lane.

  • ChrisJRisJohnsBitcz

    The black dude isn’t a minority you idiot. A lot more blacks in memfrica than whites. You are st-upid we all know this.

  • Joe Bo

    By the way, what ever happened about the murder in Crackersippi. 3 young white youths killed a Black Man by running him over in a pickup truck. The whole crime was captured on video, made the national /international news. This was less than two years ago. midtownmike “speak”

  • Joe Bo

    chris, sounds like your girlfriend prefere chocolate more than vanilla. Thats why you soo angry with us? Lol

  • Joe Bo

    This is why the South will never rise again. Its like a 3rd world country. Your commits indicates this. Soo sadd.

  • Joe Bo

    Think the rest of America need to declare you seperate, maybe a territory like Puerto Rico. That way all the rest of the inbreads in the USA will have some were to go.


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  • ChrisJRisJohnsBitcz

    First of all joebo you are an idiot groid. My name isn’t Chris. Read it again bo on. The only things rising in the South are black on black crime and the groid population. The groid population is like cats or roaches, constantly popping out babies and making their area nasty.

  • ChrisJRisJohnsBitcz

    You could do a favor and go play on the freeway. You could participate in the point system we play. You would be worth a lot, let me tell ya

  • ChrisWplayswitholdmenTallyWhackers

    Joebo you are and idiot. You need to go back to the porch and swing around out there.

  • Harry

    They will crucify this supervisor and Henri Brooks and her racist rant will get full support from the black community. Both should be fired and fired again and again.

  • Crazymemphisfolks

    I most certainly am not a racist but living in memphis my whole life i can say that racism is more black on white. Not saying that SOME whites aren’t racist but the majority are the blacks. I have lived in Orange Mound and had some friends that told us they brought there children up to “Hate the White man” lol. Just don’t get it, they get everything handed to them as they act like we owe them something. I can’t drive down the road in certain parts of town without getting a crazy look because I am white and I AM THE MINORITY here. It’s sad we should be able to get along but don’t think that will ever happen here in Memphis. They run this city and are only going to run it in the ground.I do hate that this happened to this man, he never should have been talked to this way.

  • 122811

    All you mfs are racist if you ask me and to be specific white and black people. Yall talk about each other so much and maybe some kin to one another. Check your family history and you would be suprised to your family tree. We all know black people have dozen of different race in our bloodline and so do white people cause alot of yall are not 100% white. If your hair is not naturally blonde and your eyes are not naturally blue then you are not white. I know bad black people and bad white people and so on. Its not the race its people period but yall are to small minded to see and im not no internet killer so arguing back in forth on line is a waist of time.

    • Crazymemphisfolks

      You are definitely right, there are bad whites and blacks. It is just sad this day and time that the racism still goes on, and just don’t think it will change here in memphis. And I am naturally blonde and blue eyes lol

  • Christopher Williams Junior

    Why make such a big thing out of this???
    Come on folks, … move along nothing to see here.

  • mr matt

    Blacks harass whites in the hood, on the street, at work, at school. They wont pick on a man unless the numbers are way in their favor. They pick on elderly, women with their kids. Whites should stand up to these turds or our grandkids will get it 100 times worse than cotton groid

  • Ex Memphis

    I worked in the cotton industry for years and know EW Atkinson. I can tell you almost everyone there is racist. This is in line with comments I have heard over the past twenty years. Grew so tired of this I moved far out of state. At cotton exchange functions some men still dress up in old style seersuckers suits and talk with fake old plantation owner accents. Calvin Turley for example. Just check how many black people hold any kind of management posisions in the cotton world. One or two that’s all I know of and that’s it. I’m not black but this needs heard and seen. And all you people saying this is blown out of proportion are most likely well….racist. Lets stop turning a blind eye.

  • biz59

    I certainly HOPE IT DOES NOT REFLECT all Memphians. It basically REFLECTS how IGNORANT this man alone. I truly hope that because one WHITE man has done this that people know that MOST all white men are NOT like this one. This is a world we live in together, lets start living that way and get along. I hope the guy that did this to these men though certainly gets everything he has coming to him. The race card has to STOP and maybe with this happening and seeing the stiff sentence if the judge will be put on this guy for doing this. GO GET EM guys, Get what you deserve. You can come to my home and drink from my kitchen sink if you want too. We are all trying to get to the same place in this world and we do not need the racist comments to continue.

  • Brit

    If they are going to do this of a white guy then why isnt it on the news when black people do the same thing. If when white people do it and it makes news then it should be the same thing when black people do it………… Yes it was wrong for the guy to say it but at the same time neither color should be able to make fun of people because of their color.

  • MOM

    No. Do many misinformed, misguided followers live in Memphis (and respond to these questions)? Yes. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” ~Albert Einstein

  • Beau Diddly

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the black community and their culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture.

    Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real Estate values are fueled by the influx of North American blacks into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

    Presently enriching the cities of Spokane WA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Washington D.C., St. Louis MO, New Orleans LA, Los Angeles CA, Flint MI, Baltimore MD, Pontiac MI, Gary Ind., Newark NJ, Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA, Richmond VA, Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, Camden NJ; and let’s not forget Detroit, the tourism capital of the world!

  • Arguenot

    Please go to you tube, or wherever and google the tv show
    What Would You Do.
    They filmed in Memphis and recently aired the show.. know every single person in the Memphis segments did the right thing….
    That gets no publicity here, just an isolated incident of ignorance… smh


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