Can new trucks really fix city’s blight problem?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- There was lots of fanfare when Mayor A C Wharton announced his “Taking It to the Streets" campaign this week.

He showed off some spiffy new trucks that will do a better job of fixing potholes, but it was spun as a means of eliminating blight in the city.

What’s really going on here?


  • Wilson'sWingsNThings

    New trucks are NOT going to fix blight. This city is too racist. Something as simple as new trucks will not change people’s way of thinking. It IS a small step in the right direction. A lot of it boils back down to plain and simple respect for one another / home training.

  • wendy foster zuniga

    I can tell you whats going on. Nonsense unrealistic and foolish. This is more of taxpayers money being wasted and when you get thru its only something else after 2months that will sit in a garage and collect dust.

  • smith

    Would look better if Wharton was working on one of the trucks. People this city is in trouble, with the leadership we now have, Its time to new leadership in office.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    As indicated last night, this was a very shallow move by the Mayor to show that he is doing something to get rid of “Blight” in his city. Like many others, I don’t see where repairing “Pot Holes,” which is their job, will do anything to rid this city of the blight it has experienced over the past 15 years. This was obviously a “Political Stunt” that failed miserably. Is this really the best the mayor and his cast of characters can come up with? Fix the Pot Holes, but it will take more than one truck to fix the number of pot holes in this city, and do absolutely nothing for blight. As for the Race Issues in this city (mentioned by a poster), not much can and will be done until people like him/her are truly willing to address this issue, but they must first look in the mirror and see if they are a part of the problem, both black and white.

  • MemphisDad

    This non story seems to be nothing more than a hit on Mayor Wharton. I like the mayor and believe he’s doing a great job. The devil is in the details. Little things like fixing the potholes makes Memphis a batter place to live.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Informed Sources came out swinging last night on all three topics. But Ms. Barr hit it on the head when she was willing to admit that there is a serious race issue across this country, but in Memphis the people has chosen to sweep this problem under the carpet. We have to be honest, this city will “never” move forward as long as it continues to live in the past, and is so willing to be satisfied living in their separate corners. We are all sad that Martin Luther King was killed here nearly 50 years ago, but it is time to move on beyond that. You (we) are not doing Martin Luther King any favors by insisting on living the way we do in Memphis after all these years. I will admit that having weak administrations in office doesn’t help either. The Mayor of this city should be out front in fighting “Separate but Equal” practices in his city, but where is he; out promoting Bike Lanes and Pot Holes. This city is in the sewer with no one making a real effort to lift it up. Thanks Claudia for being willing to say what the real problem is in Memphis, and thanks to Richard for allowing this discussion to take place on his show.

  • Don

    He showed off some spiffy new trucks that will do a better job of fixing potholes.
    Someone needs to tell the idiot mayor, Trucks don fill pot holes, people do. DUH. He must be a lawyer. and doesn’t know anything about leadership.

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