Vandals strike controversial naked statues

MEMPHIS, Tenn.- An East Memphis neighborhood controversy over yard art is stirring. Vandals hit statues in a front yard that many deem inappropriate and want moved.

Shocking bright red paint stains all the way down a statue on Valley Glynn Drive. The statue stands in a front yard next to a topless one and another one. The topless statue is also missing an arm.

Take a closer look at the topless statue and you`ll see the woman isn`t only missing a shirt…she`s also missing an arm.

“If someone has a grudge on him or they are picking on him, I think they should leave him alone,” said neighbor Cynthia Durham.

Neighbors tell News Channel 3, this week, someone vandalized the statues.

The yard art`s been the center of a neighborhood controversy for about a year and half now.

“They`re kind of risqué,” said Durham.

The naked sculptures are close to an elementary school and a bus stop.

“When you have ladies exposing their breasts and little kids are in the neighborhood, it`s too much,” expressed neighbor Michael Ulua.

News Channel 3 met Milton Ulua`s family when the statues first went up. He says by now, the neighborhood`s gotten used to the naked statues. That`s why he doesn`t think the paint and missing limb are the work of an upset neighbor.

“Kids are out of school. They are bored. They do crazy things,” said Ulua.

The homeowner was too busy to speak with News Channel 3on camera Saturday. But says he`ll repair the art and keep it in his yard.

Neighbor Morris Patterson doesn`t like them and wants the statues moved, but he says other people should leave them alone.

Vandalism is against the law, putting stuff in your yard`s not,” said Patterson.


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