Vandals strike controversial naked statues

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.- An East Memphis neighborhood controversy over yard art is stirring. Vandals hit statues in a front yard that many deem inappropriate and want moved.

Shocking bright red paint stains all the way down a statue on Valley Glynn Drive. The statue stands in a front yard next to a topless one and another one. The topless statue is also missing an arm.

Take a closer look at the topless statue and you`ll see the woman isn`t only missing a shirt...she`s also missing an arm.

“If someone has a grudge on him or they are picking on him, I think they should leave him alone,” said neighbor Cynthia Durham.

Neighbors tell News Channel 3, this week, someone vandalized the statues.

The yard art`s been the center of a neighborhood controversy for about a year and half now.

“They`re kind of risqué,” said Durham.

The naked sculptures are close to an elementary school and a bus stop.

“When you have ladies exposing their breasts and little kids are in the neighborhood, it`s too much,” expressed neighbor Michael Ulua.

News Channel 3 met Milton Ulua`s family when the statues first went up. He says by now, the neighborhood`s gotten used to the naked statues. That`s why he doesn`t think the paint and missing limb are the work of an upset neighbor.

“Kids are out of school. They are bored. They do crazy things,” said Ulua.

The homeowner was too busy to speak with News Channel 3on camera Saturday. But says he`ll repair the art and keep it in his yard.

Neighbor Morris Patterson doesn`t like them and wants the statues moved, but he says other people should leave them alone.

Vandalism is against the law, putting stuff in your yard`s not,” said Patterson.


  • Pam

    What is so controversial? This reminds me of John Ashcroft covering up a statue at the DOJ building that had been in there for 70 years. PRUDES! The whole world is not your Sunday School, get over it.

  • Hard Truths

    THEOCRATS in this part of the country expect to get THEIR way, and they have a long history of violent behavior whenever someone disagrees publicly with THEIR version of public morality.

    Religion is the cause of most hatred in the world. This is just another piece of proof..


    I live in the neighborhood and I love the statues but what I dont like is the illegal tattoo parlor that’s right across the street from him.

  • cheryl

    if I like a statue and want it in my yard… I put it in the Back Yard where I get to enjoy it without any risk of other viewpoints or vandalism! In my neighborhood, I would be afraid someone would steal it anyway, so It is where I can enjoy it without objection! ;)

  • Hard Truths

    You don’t NEED the Christianists’ approval for a statue in your FRONT yard. We need to stop censoring ourselves to avoid upsetting their sensibilities. THey are JERKS.

  • MissTee

    I always think it funny when people get all worked up about this kind of thing, but never about violence. Breasts do not harm children, quite the opposite, in fact.

  • WHAT?

    Do unto others as they would do unto you. Wow, this world has gotten so disrespectful. Why in the world would somebody put naked statues in their front yard if they didnt want controversy? feedback? Im sure that neighbor who owns the statues wouldnt like a pack of dogs barking all night and keeping him awake. Be neighborly people, its not that hard.

    • Pam

      Maybe I think all those wooden crosses people put in their yard at Easter were annoying. But did I go vandalizing any, NO. Did I complain, NO. I did unto my neighbor by keeping my mouth shut and being tolerant! A lesson many religious PRUDES could stand to learn!

  • Hard Truths

    We need to make it VERY clear that the Church is NOT governing Memphis and the Mid-South.

    Seriously, some of these religious demagogues need to be strung up like Mussolini.

  • J.D.

    The very ones who disapprove, expose their kids to more inappropriate things in a tv commercial. Get a life!

  • Steve Reinhardt

    After the Rochester Seven decision in ’92, public acceptance of topless women is growing. There are something like 33 states where that’s legal, plus all of Canada from shore to shore. Today they may be objecting to the neighbor’s statue. Tomorrow they may have to object to one of their neighbors.

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