Minorities disproportionately affected by juvenile justice system

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Children who live in Shelby County made a video to change the number of minority youth who end up in the juvenile court system.

"I've often said that every child who commits a minor infraction does not need to go to juvenile court," John Hall, an employee with the Shelby County School District, said.

John Hall is one of the people who put the "Community and Inter-Agency Collaboration in Addressing Disproportionate Minority Contact" summit together.

"Our goal is to reduce the number of kids going to juvenile court, bring attention to the disproportionate number of children of color who is having contact with juvenile court, and keep those kids in school where they need to be," Hall explained.

Several agencies from across Tennessee, including law enforcement and state leadership, came together to discuss racial disparities.

"What we're focusing on is mostly the minor infractions such as simple assault, disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing, and gambling," Hall said.

The idea is to develop different ways to discipline.

"We're hoping to share ideas, come up with new ways for alternative detention, and keep those kids in school," Hall said.


  • gary

    Well that’s about all you got is minorities in memphis ,so what you gonna do ,try to egt the minority whites to do more crime so things will be equal ???

    • Tommy Johnson

      This is true. Memphis demographics as of 2010: black 63.3% white 29.4%, now that is disproportionate, how about a story about that WREG.

      • Dr. JohnS

        Tommy you really are a dreamer if you expect Channel 3 or any of the other stations to bring the truth to bear. I keep hearing about minorities of color, I have to check my map to make sure where I live. The majority in Memphis are people of color, so if you are trying to get a eneses of who does what then they need to keep the demographic straight. The whites moved out a long time ago.

  • FightForYourRights!!!

    How do I get in touch with John Hall? Anyone have an email address? I need to ask him for clarification on what he claims is a discussion of racial inequality when the majority in Memphis is African American. On what ground can he make these statements. The racial majority of a city is going to be the racial majority in the juvenile and adult correction systems. And, what does this mean for white children? Will they have the book thrown at them for the crimes he states, while the African-American children get a slap on the wrist? If so, that is racial inequality. Why doesn’t the news ask these kind of questions? Is everyone here so afraid to say the truth, or are eh just lacking in common sense. This is appalling. Everyone who agrees be sure to message the producers on WREG by clicking on the contact link and tell them to ask these tough questions!

    • 1midtownmike

      Good point about throwing the book at any race other than blacks that go thru the juvenile court system. Henri Brooks is the last person that needs to be in a position at JC.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Wanna stay out of juvie? To quote the movie Liar, Liar “Stop breaking the law, a h!!!!!”

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Even though I want to applaud these groups that pop up and want to save our minority kids from the juvenile justice system, I am yet to hear then direct their frustrations at the people responsible for these kids, “The Parents.” When you can’t even talk to a parent about their children when you see them headed down the wrong path exactly how do you correct this problem? Secondly, police or other Law Enforcement don’t get up out of their beds in the morning and say to themselves” let’s go out and see how many minority kids I can arrest today.” Don’t you find it a little strange that most of these kids come from one or two areas in this city? Again, I think groups like this should stop trying to blame the system and lay the blame where it belongs, at the feet of the parents. I don’t always blame the kids because they didn’t ask for the situation some of them find themselves in, but even they can do something about the people they chose to associate with. As for “Dooned,” if you watch the news, blacks aren’t the only ones committing crimes today, they are just the ones reported on more.

  • gary

    “if you watch the news, blacks aren’t the only ones committing crimes today, they are just the ones reported on more.”

    I watch the news and and all I see are black juveniles committing crime sure some whites are doing the same but not like the blacks seems every one of the black kids are getting into trouble of some kind , I believe because of bad parenting and gangs forcing them to do crime to join.

  • kay

    Come on Jon Hall, if your wife or kids were the victim of a SIMPLE ASSAULT, would u not want the thug in JC?
    People who have never been victims can easily defend the thugs who are causing the crime waves, a simple assault leads to aggravated assault and robbery and burglary and murder. do you not think so Jon, come on, be honest, would ]
    u want your daughter or wife around these thugs that you are trying to help? —– NO, you would not!

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