Generators working overtime to keep homes cool after storm

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — At one point, about 33,000 MLGW customers were without power following Thursday’s brief but wicked storm.

Friday morning, it was down to just hundreds.

In the Johnson and Dogwood estates, you could hear the humming of generators as people waited for the lights to come back on.

Homeowners just wanted  to save the food in their fridge and be comfortable.

“There are a lot of generators in the neighborhood. It helps if you got some fans circulating when it gets up in the 80s and 90s,” said David McCabe.

Power was knocked out to around 500 homes in that neighborhood after trees took down power lines and a transformer.

In parts of Bartlett, people were also without power Friday morning.

On Ruskin Road, some homeowners were also dealing with damage.

“It’s not as bad as I thought.  I was just concerned about roof damage, obviously, and water getting into the house,” said Mike Stoker.

Mike Stoker wasn’t home when part of a tree in his front yard fell on his roof,  but his wife and son were.

He was just glad it wasn’t any worse.

“It was a little scary. I was afraid. I thought are trees coming down on top of them,  but it didn’t turn out to quite as bad,” said Stoker.

MLGW said it’s being working around the clock to restore power and Friday brought in outside crews to help.