Pregnant woman hit by tree that fell through her roof

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A massive tree uprooted an entire family in Frayser after it came crashing through their ceiling.

A young pregnant woman was hit by falling branches while trying to run for cover.

Her mother, Dominique Brown, said they were very scared.

“She said she didn’t know she could run that fast. I told her god and the angels got here up out of there. You should see the inside. There ain’t nothing.”

The tree broke right into the young woman’s bedroom, and three children were trapped inside with her.

Brown said, “She called me and told me the tree was in the house and they were trapped in there. My nephew came and broke the trees and got them out of the house before the firemen got here. Because she was still in there and they needed to get her out of there.”

Brown’s daughter was rushed to the ER, but is expected to be OK. The kids were not hurt.

Crews cut away the branches to get a better look at the damage.

The family will have to find somewhere else to stay for a three months while the landlord deals with repairs.

A few miles down the road on Kingsley Avenue, families were shaken by a similar incident.

Joanne Robinson was watching the storm out of her window when she heard a big crash.

“The impact was so strong it knocked me down to my knees. My kids had to come pull me back down the hallway to safety.”

Surprisingly she didn’t lose power when a tree came crashing onto her house, but she and her kids were scared for their lives.

Luckily the damage was only to the outside of the house, but she and her kids are holding each other tight after such a close call.


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