Firefighters put out flames that threatened Delta Medical Center

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Delta Medical Center was threatened by fire after a reported explosion nearby Thursday afternoon.

The storm knocked a power line down, which ignited a transformer, which exploded and caused a gas line to rupture and catch fire.

MLGW was called to the scene to turn off the gas line, which was near Getwell and Knight Arnold.

The hospital is not accepting new patients at this time.

One firefighter hurt his ankle and was taken to St. Francis Hospital.

Total damage was estimated at $250,000 for the structure and $1 million for the contents.

Delta Medical Center released the following statement:

Today’s storm caused a transformer to blow and a rupture of a gas line on the general campus of Delta Medical Center.  The Memphis Fire Department and Memphis, Light, Gas & Water responded to the situation quickly.  The fire has been controlled and the gas line secured.

At no time were patients in danger.  Following the hospital’s emergency protocol, patients and visitors were moved to a location in the hospital in safe distance from the area where responders were working.  All patients, visitors and staff remain safe and unhurt.

The storm also caused limited access to computers and telephones.


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