Car with mom and toddler inside nearly crushed at Taco Bell drive-thru

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ARLINGTON, Tenn. -- A run for the border proved dangerous for a Taco Bell customer and her child Tuesday night.

At the Taco Bell at the Arlington Travel Center, a woman's car was nearly crushed when the driver of a tractor trailer hit a large concrete awning above the drive-thru window, causing it to collapse.

The woman's 2-year-old son was in the back seat of the car, right below the shattered back window.

"The child had to be taken through the drive-thru window into the building, and the lady got out, I guess on the side there," said Glen Bascom.

Bascom owns the Arlington Travel Center.

He said when the truck hit the building, workers inside thought it was an earthquake.

Customers who come through the drive-thru all the time were surprised.

"That's a blessing. She was blessed," said April Walls.

The owner of the travel center said it was not a truck stop, and trucks are not supposed to drive around the building.

Bascom said the driver of the big rig that caused all the damage didn't even stop until well after he had cleared the building.

"He kept going and pushed it into the building," said Bascom.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office says the driver of semi was not cited for anything.

Bascom said he used to have signs up telling truck drivers to stay off the lot, but had to take the signs down because they did not meet Arlington City Code.


  • Skeptic

    That nearly caused the injury or death on two innocent people. These stupid codes need to be thrown out. Arlington commissioners should be ashamed of themselves and be held responsible for all damages.

  • blahblah

    Truck drivers in this area are dangerous. We need stricter regulations and requirements for this jerks! They should know better!

  • Jonathan

    Really…the Arlington code is the reason for the truck hitting the building? How about getting the proper permits for signs…you know, going through the process, having professional signs done, installing them in the proper places, etc. People have no idea, other than what they read, and that is usually misinformation. Get a life.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    that must be a very.lg lot for that drIver to THINK he could lIterally go around somethIng lIke that. must be a newbIe thInkIng he would.”strut.hIs stuff” and show off. how crazy

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