$5 million provision to fight rape kit backlog moves forward

rape kit

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Congressman Steve Cohen’s amendment to get 5 million more dollars to fight the backlog of untested rape kits got the green light Thursday in committee.

The money would be used to test kits across the country, including the 12,000 untested kits in Memphis.

Thursday morning, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee agreed to the additional $5 million in funding.

It now goes to the full senate.

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  • The Real Nonya

    What this says is that Steve Cohen wants the rest of the tax paying citizens of America to pay for the incompetence of the Memphis City Council and the Mayor. And you should sing his praises for getting less than half of the money to solve the problem …. like that is some kind of win.

  • chanceencounterstlm

    Let me get this straight. For over 10 years the Memphis Police Dept. (and city government) made choices that allowed serial rapists to roam the streets. The people who made these decisions were not ever held accountable and now the city mist again beg money to be bailed out, or women will go without any justice. This is a true comedy of errors. Another reason Nashville looks down on us.

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