Dads invited to attend free training camp

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Mayor A C Wharton is looking to fathers to help change Memphis for good.

The city will hold a training camp for dads next weekend.

The camp is free and open to the public.

It's Saturday, June 14, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Fogelman Executive Center at the University of Memphis.

Call 901-576-6507 or click here for more information.


  • Bill

    Here’s 10 things I’ll do when I’m elected mayor;
    1. Cut 10% of the City work force
    2. Reduce all 6 figure salaries to 5.
    3. Freeze Property Taxes for my term
    4. Have rolling Curfews for high crime neighborhoods by Zip codes.
    5. De-annex Hickory Hill and Cordova.
    6. Stop the Minority requirements for City bids.
    7. Create a City Department that inspects all Rental properties(like a home inspector) for renters. The fee is paid by the Landlords.
    8. Vacant properties are taxed at 2X the current property tax rates. Vacant means an occupancy rate of less than 80% per address for a Calendar year.
    9. Reduce the MATA routes by 50% and make Tuesdays a ride free day for all Memphians.
    10. No new development contracts for Developers.

      • Bill


        You must be at the Firehouse, As Mayor, I wouldn’t touch Police or Fire. Those Departments aren’t owned by the City. they’re outsourced jobs and I’d have no control over the hiring or firing.

  • Bill

    Russell, here’s a sample of what you might say regarding item number 1. Newsperson; Mayor Bill you didn’t reduce the workforce by 10% as you claimed you would. You only cut 3 jobs. Your reply would be; Well’ Newsperson I beg to differ. Mayor Bill did exactly what he said he’d do. if you could read you’d note that he used the word Work, as in Workforce. Mayor Bill fired the only 3 people who actually work. Thank you, anymore questions.

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