Police: Man pulls gun on stranger who said ‘hello’

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  A Memphis man is locked up after police say he pulled a gun on stranger who was just saying hello.

“I ain’t never seen nothing like it, you speak to someone and they pull a gun on you. That’s crazy!” Karlos Miller said.

Miller says Vincent Hawkins threatened his life Tuesday in front of his home at the Barbara Estate apartments on Exchange Avenue.

Miller says he doesn’t know Hawkins, and only spoke to Hawkins as he was walking down the street.

“What did you say?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“’How you doing? You alright?’” replied Miller.

Miller says that’s when Hawkins pulled out a gun, put it to Miller’s forehead, and threatened to kill him.

“What did you do?” asked Preston.

“What you mean, what I do?! I tried to get away! I’ve been shot before, I wasn’t trying to get shot again,” replied Miller.

Miller ran inside and called police.

Ten minutes later, he walked back outside.

That’s when he says Hawkins drove up in a car, got out, and threatened to kill Miller again.

“He pulled up with three guns. I said Lord have mercy! This man is in the army, he fitting to kill me,” Miller said.

Police then arrived and arrested Hawkins.

Court records show he’s been locked up several times before for extreme run-ins with others.

Hawkins was convicted of aggravated assault in 2010. His victim told police Hawkins beat her with a tree branch and hit her with a car after she turned him down at a party.

Hawkins is behind bars on $50,000 bond.

“I feel safe. I don`t have to look back. I just got of jail, I ain’t trying to go back,” said Miller.


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