Police ID man found stabbed to death in his North Memphis Home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Friends of Charles Jordan say May 25th was one of the saddest days of their lives.

Tony Holliday described Jordan as a “Nice guy, never bothered nobody, he was like family to us.”

The 66-year-old was stabbed to death inside his home on the 2300 block of Marble Street Memorial Day Weekend.

His neighbors say if their friend was alive tonight, he’d be sitting on the front porch with them, enjoying a drink and reminiscing about the past.

Charles Holliday knew him for 48 years.

“Nothing bothered him he was a free spirit. Happy-go-lucky guy, that’s the way he was.”

They say he was known in the area, but before Jordan was killed, he mostly stayed at home, surrounded by friends.

They say this North Memphis neighborhood has a bad reputation, but their street isn’t as bad as it’s portrayed in the news. But they say the surrounding streets are and it’s reason enough to stay home.

Holliday said,  “I’m going to protect me. It’s just that simple. “

He says he isn’t scared by the news of a stabbing because he doesn’t think it was a random – the killer didn’t even take Jordan’s wallet.

Police say they have a person of interest in the case, but have not released a description.


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