Minister says ‘hoes ain’t loyal’ during sermon

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Maryland minister is raising eyebrows for telling men during a sermon to stay away from women who quote “act like hoes.”

While some say the minister crossed a line in the house of God, WREG’s Stephanie Scurlock found the minister has some support among clergy here.

“I see absolutely nothing wrong with using a term like that if it is based in truth,” said Rev. Kenneth Whalum, Jr., of New Olivet Baptist Church.

Whalum is referring to the sermon fellow pastor Jamal Bryant preached recently.

In that sermon, Bryant said, “These hoes ain’t loyal.”

The words from a Chris Brown song created controversy across the country about what should and what shouldn’t be said in the house of God.

In Whalum’s book, Hip Hop Is Not Our Enemy, he says there is nothing wrong with the use of the word if it describes how a woman acts.

He says to attract young people, you must speak their language.

“If I tell a group of young people man, I can still roll a joint today if you give me some papers and some marijuana, I could roll it today. They like, what? Pastor you used to smoke dope? Yeah, I sure did until somebody taught me there was a better way,” Whalum said about a conversation he had with some young people.

Whalum says young people must first accept you before they accept your message.

“The message is I know this is where you are. Come let me show you a better way to be,” said Whalum.

Bryant encourages those who criticized his message to hear his entire sermon and not just the controversial words.


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