Minister says ‘hoes ain’t loyal’ during sermon

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Maryland minister is raising eyebrows for telling men during a sermon to stay away from women who quote "act like hoes."

While some say the minister crossed a line in the house of God, WREG's Stephanie Scurlock found the minister has some support among clergy here.

"I see absolutely nothing wrong with using a term like that if it is based in truth," said Rev. Kenneth Whalum, Jr., of New Olivet Baptist Church.

Whalum is referring to the sermon fellow pastor Jamal Bryant preached recently.

In that sermon, Bryant said, "These hoes ain't loyal."

The words from a Chris Brown song created controversy across the country about what should and what shouldn't be said in the house of God.

In Whalum's book, Hip Hop Is Not Our Enemy, he says there is nothing wrong with the use of the word if it describes how a woman acts.

He says to attract young people, you must speak their language.

"If I tell a group of young people man, I can still roll a joint today if you give me some papers and some marijuana, I could roll it today. They like, what? Pastor you used to smoke dope? Yeah, I sure did until somebody taught me there was a better way," Whalum said about a conversation he had with some young people.

Whalum says young people must first accept you before they accept your message.

"The message is I know this is where you are. Come let me show you a better way to be," said Whalum.

Bryant encourages those who criticized his message to hear his entire sermon and not just the controversial words.


  • Kim

    Im so tried of these male dominant churches who try to blam women and point at women for there lustful way of thinking. Just because you have a title does not make you a man of God. Things need to be done in proper context and order and this man was out of order.

  • Dr. JohnS

    Mr. Whalum, I may not be as knowledgeable as you on the subject of a hoe. But I never expected one to be loyal, faithful or loving. A hoe is a garden instrument used mostly for breaking the ground around plants and digging up weeds. I have known farmers who have used the same hoe for 30 or 40 years, now to me that is pretty loyal. I have never seen one walking down the street unless someone was carrying it.
    Now if you are using a derogative term for a woman who sells her body to make money I still cannot understand your thinking. If I read my Bible well there was a man by the name of Jesus who hung out with these women. He just had a love for the downtrodden, the broken, etc. Now as I read further it was people like yourself who were so self-righteous that he did not hang around with. They simply were no fun to be with. Now this Jesus he liked hanging around fun people, the drinking types, the never do well of society, the hated tax collectors, etc. Mr. Whalum, I am not sure Jesus would be hanging around with you any more than Obama would buy you a beer if you visited the white house.

    • Please, Just Stop

      Every time I read one of your comments, it irritates me to no end. You are arrogant in everything you post.
      In this post you stated: “Now this Jesus he liked hanging around fun people, the drinking types, the never do well of society, the hated tax collectors, etc.” Let me correct you, it wasn’t the “fun people” Jesus enjoyed being with; it was those whose souls belong to him, and would turn away from their sins to be with Jesus, in this life and the next. I just wanted to clarify that. And if we are reading the same bible, you may want to read it a little closer. “it was people like yourself who were so self-righteous that he did not hang around with” I will say you are correct there, but it wasn’t because he didn’t want to be around the “righteous”, or as the bible referred to most of them as the Pharisees, the people of the church, Jesus was unwelcomed by them. They did not want him around, doing what they thought was Jesus corrupting the synagogues.
      Lastly, I wonder if you even listened to the sermon? I will admit I did not agree with some of it, however, with his statement he made, “these hoes ain’t loyal,” he was dead on. He was referring to marriage, how a married man should not leave a godly woman to be with a hoe (you can take a look at 1 Corinthians 6:16, Hebrews 13:4-7,1 Corinthians 7:1-16, these are just a few). Now, yes, the “hoe” should be helped, be give the word of God, and be told Jesus loves her, however, a godly man should not seek her for a relationship, or sexual pleasure. (2 Corinthians 6:14).

      • Dr. JohnS

        Am I glad I got you upset, you have made my day. They were fun people unlike the religious types of his day. Yes, even the religious types belong to him but they were always a pain in the butt for him. One thing you will notice, and I notice you never quote Jesus but Paul, he never degraded another human being, no matter what their situation was in life. As he put it, “only the sick have need of a physician.” These were the one that were out cast by the religious system. All a man had to do was go home and tell his wife, “I divorce you.” She had to leave the house immediately and if lucky she had the clothes on her back. Her children were never able to see her again. There was no work for an outcast woman by her husband. The only hope in there “man’s world” was if a man took her in and fed her, gave her a roof over her head and clothes to wear. Thus the woman at the well, she had been subjected to living with the kindness of 7 men. Did you by chance read where Jesus called her a ‘hoe.” Never once, using any language did Jesus stoop the common usage of words to destroy a person. He picked them up, dusted them off and they found love. Re-read the story of the ‘woman at the well.’ Just never told her to be baptised, never once told her her life was a mess, sinful or she was going to hell. But the woman went away with a heart of love telling every one she met, ‘I met a man who knows everything about it and it is okay.’ My guess is the women danced in the street from all the joy and love she felt that day.

        Frankly I am tired of so called preachers like Mr. Whalum who think they have to use inappropriate language to scare everyone straight.

  • 122811

    Pastors are human too but at the same time if you are a man of God why judge…..if hoes aint loyal what are you (the pastor) doing to help these women,saying these hoes aint loyal has no meaning to do the job God has called him to do. And why not speak about the men they bigger hoes than women males are out here doing the same if not worse so these men aint loyal either. And of course Whalum wouldnt think anything was wrong with what he said…..he’s known for that type of behavior in the church.

  • I'm a realist

    This was probably from the series of sermons entitled “Don’t Save Her,” inspired by the always wise Patrick “Project Pat” Houston, right? Nonetheless, it’s a certain truth that, in fact, “these hoes ain’t loyal!”

  • I read the Bible daily

    the proper term for a woman that sells her body for money is biblical called a “whore”, not hoe.
    And to the Pastor, and the other people on here. The church and your life should be HOLY!
    If you feel using slang, or “todays” words, which are of this world, in a HOLY place, you are hellfully wrong. The objective of the bible is to teach us how to live holy, and to accept Jesus as God’s son, and he will come back. Again…ANY WORD, PHRASE, ACTS, DANCE, SONG, etc…should be Holy. If you guy want to research something research the word HOLY.
    Now, Whalum, you are doing what u think is best way to get souls to God, right? Do you think Gabriel would know what you and the rest of your congregation is talking about? hip hop, twerking, hoes, sagging??? Your heart should guide you, if it has, WHO AM I TO JUDGE YOU? However, I cannot understand a word most black guys (in church or not) are trying to say. All i understand is “you know what i sayin”. Before you call me a racist, I am a 53 year old black mother, wife, aunt and most of all a Child of God’s, in Orange Mound.

  • Drea

    Well we all know pastors are some of the biggest Hoes! But they won’t mention that huh… and why would you think a hoe would be loyal… male or female

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