Man wanted for shooting man in the head in Horn Lake

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HORN LAKE, Miss. — Police are looking for the man they believe shot 29-year-old Edroy James Ballard, Jr., in the head Tuesday.

An arrest warrant for murder has been issued for 55-year-old Gerry Lynn Lofton.

Lofton, who has lived in Horn Lake for the past six months, previously lived in Memphis and may be in the area.

Authorities warn that Lofton should be considered armed and dangerous.

Tuesday, Ballard was found shot to death in front of a home in Horn Lake off Santa Fe Circle.

His father, Edroy Senior, says his son was in the neighborhood visiting his brother.

“Dude got mad, he and my son had some words. When my son didn’t want to argue anymore…my son was fixing to go in the house when dude shot him in the head.”

Family members and friends couldn’t believe the news.

Ballard’s fiance, who he was to marry in just two weeks, collapsed in a car nearby.

Ballard’s mother, Theresa Southgate, said at the scene, “He has a son! And we have to go tell that baby this his daddy is not coming back.”

If you have information about Lofton’s location, call your local law enforcement agency, Horn Lake Police at 662-393-6174 or Desoto County Crime Stoppers at 662-429-8477.


  • gary

    What a maroon now got to spend the rest of his life in mississippi prison ,believe me he will spend it there too ,mississippi believes in putting them away ,not like Memphis where you got murderers out on bond shooting at witnesses.

    • The Real Nonya

      Who conducted the interview with the famiy? Why didn’t they bother to ask a few questions like “Did your son or his brother know the perp? Why was he working on a car in front of your son’s house?

      Whoever it was should go back to whatever excuse for a journalism school they graduated from and ask for their money back.

    • The Real Nonya

      If someone is considered “Armed and Dangerous” can a legally armed citizen shoot him in self-defense “on sight?”

      Should that be the case, perps that the police label “Armed and Dangerous” would be running to the police station to turn themselves in because every redneck with a gun would be out hunting him down.

  • The Real Nonya

    The only problem with this is they aren’t taking themselves off the streets fast enough!

  • ensheslovely10

    Gps tracking, mind control, mind control murder, cctvs, war against the people of all races, creed and color, organ harvesting, civil rights violation, genocide and crimes against humanity.

  • John&Chris got married

    Nick where are you? You ran your mouth. You don’t know who I am !!! I will just say pieces and that’s what will maybe be found. You have to tote a g u n. I don’t have to have that. I’m not a P U

  • I own 3 Chris Williams JR'S & the family

    Gosh Chris I would have bought you and your hunny goofball John a wedding present. I saw John tried to steal a fat mans lunch. That man almost ate your wife.

  • GIJoeWithAKungFuGrip

    Desoto County residents — Be on your guard. This is what happens when south Memphis trash moves in.

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