Accused Holly Bobo killer makes demands in court

DECATURVILLE, Tenn. — One of two men charged with killing Decatur County nursing student Holly Bobo came to court Wednesday with a list of demands.

Zachary Adams’ lawyer, Jennifer Lynn Thompson, filed a range of motion that his status hearing.

Judge Creed McGinnley said to Thompson, “You have filed the motions yesterday and today. They’re fairly standard motions.”

Thompson filed four motions in all.

One asked that any evidence that would help the defense be turned over. Another asked that evidence be given in enough time to request information be suppressed. The judge approved both.

The other motions dealt with Adams’ treatments in the Chester County Jail.

Adams wants and a pencil, paper, envelopes, and stamps in his cell.

The state says a pending coercion charge should play into that decision, but Judge McGinnley said Adams should be treated like any other inmate.

“What I don’t want is, simply for the nature of this charge, for him to be treated differently than any other person at that holding facility,” McGinnley said.

Thompson also asked the judge to allow Adams’ family to visit him without her being present. He agreed to look into it.

The prosecution did not have any evidence ready for the defense yet.

The judge wants the trials for both Adams and Jason Autry, who is also charged with kidnapping and murdering Holly Bobo, to move quickly.

However, neither will be back in court until December 17.

Friends of the Bobos, like Tammy Ramey, are frustrated.

“This family’s been put through hell, and it needs to come to a conclusion,” Ramey said.

Zachary Adams’ cousin Leigh Ann Griggs contacted WREG reporter Katie Rufener on Twitter Wednesday.

She said of Adams, “He didn’t do it. He has no rights at all. You want justice for Holly? Find the real killer!”

The Bobo family would not speak to reporters after the status hearing.


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