Rescue groups can now photograph animals at MAS before review date

Memphis Animal Services MAS

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Rescue groups like Memphis Pets Alive can now photograph animals in both the adoption and healthy hold areas of Memphis Animal Services.

Animals that come in as strays spend 72 hours in the healthy hold area, and are technically neither city property nor listed for adoption.

Memphis Pets Alive used to shoot pictures every week to help promote adoption and to reunite lost pets with owners.

But the group says recently, a 2009 policy banning rescue groups from taking photos of animals considered strays began to be enforced.

This sparked a demand for change, so the city reviewed the photo policy and adjusted it “based on MAS’s mission to get animals adopted or reunited with owners as quickly as possible.”

The city says the photos may be shared on social media sites for lost and found, adoption, and pet placement purposes.

However, rescue groups can’t share ‘private’ information, like microchip data, listed on animals’ kennel cards.

The city stressed that the photos may “not be used in any negative campaign or propaganda against Memphis Animal Services.”

Also made clear was that rescue groups who have found placement for an animal must transfer it from MAS no later than two business days from the 72-hour holding period.

If the animal isn’t moved within that time, “MAS will have to adhere to city ordinance in the disposition of the animal, which may include humane euthanasia.”

MAS does not post photos of stray animals at the facility online.


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