Murdered couple’s home set on fire

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A soaked child's toy scattered amongst charred debris reads 'I love you,' but neighbors like Maurice Jones said what happened Tuesday morning was nothing but hate.

"I got up and put my shoes on. I went through the back door, and that's when I saw the whole back just a blazing," Jones recalled.

Firefighters rushed into the home on Enterprise to put the fire out.

Investigators believe the flames were set on purpose.

"I knew it had something to do with that family that got killed a couple of weeks ago," Jones said.

James and Danielle Alexander were found by their daughter, who was only 7-years-old at the time, lying in their own blood.

"They was nice," Jones remembered. "They used to be in the back yard all of the time with the little kids playing."

Police said Ricky Durham, Devin Gary, and Kendrick Starks are accused of shooting the couple during a robbery.

While it is unclear who started the fire, investigators told WREG they found a firebomb on the front porch.

"People was constantly coming around the house. They still were having vigils every Friday and all kinds of stuff. I said man they are going to do something to this house," Jones explained.

The house was only partially burned, and Jones believes the arsonist will strike again.

"They going to keep on messing with it," Jones said.

As messages for the Alexander's to rest in peace are written on the wall, the home the once lived in is not resting so easy.

Anyone with information on who sparked the flames should call the Memphis Fire Department.

The three men jailed for killing the Orange Mound couple are expected in court on Wednesday.


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