Helping out a shepherd savior

BARTLETT, Tenn. -- We're always looking for new and different ways to Pass It On, which is why an email we received recently from a veterinarian in Bartlett caught our attention.

She had an idea for our weekly $600 gift that we thought was doggone good.

We met this week's playmaker, Charmaine Lakatos Taylor, outside the Bartlett library, which is kind of a halfway point between the vet's office where she works and where we'll be surprising our recipient.

Charmaine and recipient Bonnie Maher-Hazel share a mutual love for German shepherds.

In fact, Bonnie runs Save Our Shepherds, a rescue operation just for this special breed.

"Most of the funding comes from her own pockets. She's not like the humane society who can get tax donations, so I want to give that money to her to help her out with her cause."

Charmaine says rescuing German shepherds is a true labor of love.

Larger breeds are harder to find homes for, and she often has to send them out of state.

That requires health certificates, plus the cost of gettingĀ  dogs spayed or neutered, microchips, heartworm medication and vaccine shots, and you can see how Bonnie spends twice as much as she gets back.

Which is why once we called Charmaine, she set it up right away.

"I called her and said I wanted to make a donation."

And that's exactly what she did.

We surprised Bonnie at her office with our $600 gift.

For Charmaine, passing it on was a chance to do something our busy lives don't always give us time to do.

Bonnie guesses she's rescued a couple hundred dogs since she first started Save Our Shepherds in 2008, but she's decided she loves it so much it's time make it a non-profit organization, so she's working on that now.

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