Block party shooting injures three people

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MEMPHIS, Tenn – Memphis police are looking the people who are responsible for shooting three people at a block party in the 1500 hundred block of McMillan Street in South Memphis.

Two of the three victims were taken to the Regional Medical Center in critical condition; the third victim went to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in non-critical condition.

No arrests have been made.


    • John T. Dwyer

      I can remember a time when the whole neighborhood would come over just to have what we called a “cookout”. There would be hot dogs, hamburgers, and if you wanted one, you brought a huge steak bought from the neighborhood grocery store. A few weeks later we would go as a family to someone else’s home to enjoy the early evening and later. Black men, white men, black women, white women, white kids, black kids, young, old…you always had a mix of people enjoying themselves.

      Yes, there was beer served but only the grown ups were allowed to drink them. Nobody ever got drunk and misbehaved or caused problems. Police involvement was never thought of, unless “425” happened to be cruising the area and was flagged down to have a burger.
      I suppose you can call these flings we had a block party. I have been to many more and always had a great time.

      To answer your question: I think it is because people like me still believe in the humanity and dignity of others. I also believe that we as human beings have lost something which causes some, but by no means all, to lose sight of this ideal. Memphis is a great place to live with all of it’s problems, yet there are some who believe the solution to a minor problem, is at the point of a gun. And yes, firing one at other human beings! This party could be the start of something good by having these neighbors cooperate with authorities and point out the culprit. By doing so, a message is sent stating that this type of behavior is not acceptable. Not just one person doing it, but the entire group of friends and family who were at this function. Ostracizing the societal misfit is the first step.
      I encourage these friends and families to hold another block party. This will demonstrtate to the naysayers what I always say…..Memphis is a great place to live!

      • Don

        Memphis is a great place to live!
        I agree, but you might get shot at a block party. Things just aren’t like it used to. back then no one thought of taking a gun to a block party. Memphis was the cleanest & quietest. The police ticketed people for sounding their horns for no reason and lout pipes on their vehicles, or loud music.
        Those were the days. Memphis had good leadership, not what they have today.

      • 1midtownmike

        I respect your opinion but there are some who lack humanity or dignity. Harold Ford Sr. and Willie Herenton wanted to make Memphis a “black city” and a black city it has become. Henri Brooks, Lasimba Gray and Janis Fullilove haven’t helped matters. Humanity and dignity have been cast aside all in the name of “racial solidarity” and “don’t be a snitch.”
        Some 20 + years in the making and here we are.

        It was blatant racism that drove out a tax base. Deal with it.

  • CatinaJohnson

    Memphis is not that great of place to live because of racist people like those that are posting these racist comments. Maybe negroes are so violent because they learned it from redneck racist. The leadership from past years wasn’t so great either because they allowed people to shoot innocent people for excercising their right to protest. So stop with the name calling, unless you are ready to name the racist such as mayor Lynch and E.H. Crump. Now all of you racist who believe that every black man who wears a hoody is bad, well guess what it was the white man who first started the violent crimes with their white hoods on. But they had to hide behind their hoods. So get a life white racist

  • CatinaJohnson

    As a matter of fact, scroll down this page and look who is in the news. White woman with black eye selfie from domestic abuse. White guy a cop raped a child. Whit man threatens people on a plane. White guy another cop shoots n kills someone. White woman abused weighs 40 pounds dies. But you guys got time for racist comments, really?

  • CatinaJohnson

    “Why are negros so violent”
    My question to Mike is why did this white boy stab is mom in the neck 30 times? So why do whits children kill their parents?

  • Bill West

    t’s what been on TV for 30 Yrs….Children watched and grew Up by these Violent Movies…My TV Days were John Wayne and The “Jeffersons ” and All in The Family “…Nothing like the Violence last 15Yrs…

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