Shoptlifting for a living

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man was arrested 57 times for shoplifting everything from electronics to laundry soap, and another who police say stole Dallas cowboys gear from a store on Winchester .

There were also parked cars smashed at the Walmart in Bartlett when others tried to get away.

Pat Willoughby makes jewelry at a jewelry supply shop. She said they have career shoplifters on their radar, people who come in and grab the tiny beads and jewelry time and time again.

“They think $3 here, $3 there, but it adds up,” said Willoughby.

They’ve put in cameras and signs on the door, but say ultimately it’s eating away at their profits, and that means higher prices for all of us.

“You rob someplace one, twice maybe, three times, you think you’re invincible, so you continue to do it” said Chip Washington, Shelby County Sheriff’s Department.

Serial shoplifting has increased.

More store owners are becoming victims and law enforcement is trying to do something about it by increasing patrols.


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