Shoptlifting for a living

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man was arrested 57 times for shoplifting everything from electronics to laundry soap, and another who police say stole Dallas cowboys gear from a store on Winchester .

There were also parked cars smashed at the Walmart in Bartlett when others tried to get away.

Pat Willoughby makes jewelry at a jewelry supply shop. She said they have career shoplifters on their radar, people who come in and grab the tiny beads and jewelry time and time again.

“They think $3 here, $3 there, but it adds up,” said Willoughby.

They've put in cameras and signs on the door, but say ultimately it's eating away at their profits, and that means higher prices for all of us.

“You rob someplace one, twice maybe, three times, you think you're invincible, so you continue to do it” said Chip Washington, Shelby County Sheriff’s Department.

Serial shoplifting has increased.

More store owners are becoming victims and law enforcement is trying to do something about it by increasing patrols.


    • chris williams junior wears his mamas underwear under his man clothes

      I wonder the same … Guess we can thank the local judiciary and the DA. It appears FIVE-0 is doing their part by arresting him.

  • WhoWantsAJob

    Go get a real job? Are U Crazy?? They would cut off my EBT card, raise my Section 8 rent, and throw me off TnCare if I get a job. And at the end of the year my Earned Income Credit Bonus would be cut in half or eliminated. Aint nobody looking for a job, why ya think millions are flooding across our borders? It aint to get a job, it is to get the gimmees. Socialism/Marxism is great as long as someone else is paying for it.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      hey, wanna teach me how to work the system lIke that. only kIddIng. wIsh I were able to go back to that thIng u dont want..WORK!! the ones who DONT WANT to work are the LAZIEST!!!

  • chris williams junior wears his mamas underwear under his man clothes

    The prob is mentioned in the first sentence

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