SCSO jailer loses job over $5

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Lanandas Mcghee

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Shelby County deputy jailer has been arrested for stealing money from a suspect.

The grand total? $5.

The suspect was being booked when he tried to hide $45 in his mouth.

The man then threw the money in a trash can, along with a few other items, according to the sheriff’s office.

A deputy pulled a $5 bill from the trash and handed it to deputy jailer Lanandas McGhee.

McGhee, who has been with the sheriff’s office since 1997, put the $5 in his pocket then later handed the $5 bill to a processing clerk.

The clerk marked the $5 to make sure it was not counterfeit, then handed it back to McGhee who, according to two witnesses, placed the $5 back into his pocket.

The $5 was never turned in with the suspect’s property.

McGhee has been charged with Official Misconduct and Theft of Property under $500.00.


  • Arguenot

    This is ridiculous. If he meant to steal a slobbery $5.00 bill…why hand it over to the processing clerk. The suspect was probably non-cooperative requiring the jailer to free up his hands. Likely another over-reaction by the charming citizens who hate law enforcement unless they want something.

    • sue

      ^^^agree with you 100%! I bet he got distracted and totally forgot to do what he was supposed to do with it!

  • Don

    McGhee who, according to two witnesses, placed the $5 back into his pocket.
    McGhee, ask your self Why did you sell your job for $5? Is it to pay for your lifestyle and feed you?
    Here is more bad news for you. THERE AIN’T NO CURE FOR STUPID?

  • I'm Upset

    This man needs his job !!!!!!! But when you work for Shelby County when you are hired in you have to sign off on the code of ethics being an officer !!!!! How Stupid can you be !!!! SCSO don’t play as an officer you have to uphold those ethics….

  • Adios

    The criminal threw the money in the trash can. How is retrieving money that someone threw away and probably said they didn’t want, stealing?

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