Obama press secretary resigns

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Jay Carney

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Jay Carney is stepping down as White House press secretary, President Barack Obama announced Friday.

Deputy press secretary Josh Earnest will replace him.

Carney’s resignation comes just hours after VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned over the growing concerns about conditions at VA medical centers.


  • TheTruth

    The African-Americans who still support Obama as president show that they only care about having a black (half) man as the leader of the free country and to hell with the future of this nation which he is singlehandedly destroying. Still it’s the white people who get called racist and bigots in this screwed up nation.

  • justme

    To thetruth: your bigoted ignorance is showing. President Obama was not elected by, and is not solely supported by, African Americans. I support him because he clearly cares for people more than the previous administration ever did. And check the facts, this country is in better shape than it has been in years.

    • RealFacts

      Tell that to everyone in the banking, insurance, architectural, housing, medical, and aircraft controller industries…. Several are still unemployed—I’m still unemployed with a Master’s Degree. Most have been unemployed since one-year after he took office. The middle class and upper-middle class have been halved. And without the middle class, the bridge of oppurtunity for the lower class is gone. America is on the brink of a two-class system.

      Several friends and family have lost their homes during the past 7 years due to unemployment here in the area. Many businesses have left Memphis due to the high taxes imposed by the Obama Administration + high taxes from Memphis Gov. What that means is no tax income for Memphis and Shelby county. Memphis is soon headed for bankruptcy in the coming years because of this fiasco. Foreign countries are buying up our largest companies at cheap prices, namely Brazil, Russia, and China. Foreign governments also think we are a joke, which weakens are resolve and will bring war sooner to our door steps. We will pay for the next 15 to 20 years for this administrations mistakes.

      But, you think we are in better shape…?

  • Brown Girl

    Stop The Lies!!! There was unemployment long before Obama was elected president. Stop playing the blame game, grow up and put your trust in something besides the freaking government!!!

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