Memphis must raise $3.7 million to receive $750k grant for rape kit testing

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A private foundation has pledged $750,000 for rape kit testing once the City of Memphis raises $3,775,500.

More than $6.5 million is needed to test the more than 12,000 sexual assault kits.

The city has so far raised $2 million.

Once it raises $3.7 million more, the Plough Foundation will provide the remaining funds.


  • endingtheshame2014

    Why is it that women can be raped and the case just goes to the waste side, why are we putting our women and children through this if nothin is being done… What’s the point in a rape kit if not being used to solve the crime? And if they are that back logged shouldn’t that tell u that we have a problem in the US! How about we cover the stories of the forgotten children who were raped but their rapist is still free even though they were able to name their attacker, women who walk out of their home looking over their shoulder Bc we failed them by not processing their kit in a timely manner! Where are the rights of the victim? Why are we so worried about the rights of the rapist?

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