Local veterans react to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- In Memphis, some veterans are glad to see Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki step down, but they want more answers.

Mid-South veterans WREG spoke to have been to VA hospitals across the country and say they have seen deplorable conditions.

They also said they feel a lack of respect from those meant to take care of them.

Army veteran John Baker said he's seen first-hand how bad many of the hospitals are.

"Lack of care...Cleanliness...The facilities are run down,'' he said.

Considering that, he said he is glad to see Shinseki resign.

"If he is not doing the right job for our vets, we need someone who can."

Baker wants change after allegations of delayed care resulting in dozens of deaths at VA hospitals around the country.

"It's hard on the guys that come in and need the service and the help," he said.

Some vets said they think others may soon need to follow in Shinseki's footsteps.

"They need to start at the top and start doing something!" one vet said.

Baker got emotional when asked about the importance of providing quality care for vets. He said he is praying this national investigation will finally bring improvements.

"We have given everything," he said. "Everybody that serves gives everything that they have for our country, and they deserve the best."