Suspected shoplifter rams police car, leads chase

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Brandon Miller

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — For the second day in a row, Southaven police officers took part in a car chase.

A frequent shoplifter was seen in the Dillards  at the Southaven Towne Center.

Police tried to approach the man who rammed a police cruiser several times.

The officer in that cruiser has been taken to Baptist DeSoto to be examined.

Police said Brandon Miller headed towards Memphis and crashed near Raines and Boeingshire Drive.

A K-9 unit was able to subdue Miller, who received several bites.

Brandon D. Miller,  from Memphis, is charged with four counts of Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer, one count of Felony Fleeing, one count of attempt to commit Felony Shoplifting, one count of misdemeanor shoplifting, and numerous traffic violations.

Bond is pending his extradition to Mississippi.


    • chris williams junior wears womens underwear under mom jeans

      What is out of control are Memphis natives plying their criminal, thieving trades in DeSoto County.


    What are they recruiting for K-9’s now ratt tarries. usually german shepards are used, if so this POS would have been at the MED receiving stiches and staples.

  • Obammy fown

    Once again the Obama generation thinks they are entitled to everything that’s not theirs.

  • Hank Jr.

    Hey Mississippi keep your criminals down there we do not need nor want them here in Memphis. Thanks

  • Wreg-Fan

    This is my family member….sad to see him on the news,hope he doesn’t call me for any bail or jail moneis

  • Wake Up

    A K-9 unit was able to subdue Miller, who received several bites.

    I love a happy ending… Especially after MS gets him in their court system.

  • JayB

    Notice Memphis police managed to capture him without shots being fired or someone getting killed.

  • JayB

    I am sure all these people are just ramming police cars and not police positioning themselves to get hit so they can add a aggravated assault on a police officer charge.

  • Ching Ching 88

    Do u notice that the suburbs, aka Bartlett, or Southaven, always fire shots first!!! IS that not a problem. Because they are not property trained. They are a bunch of Barney Fife’s that have their one bullet. And they use it. That is disturbing. Bartlett is the worst. Do the research. The police have become judge and jury. Know ur rights people!!

    • Ed

      Hope one of these veteran career memphis thug criminals victimizes you regularly Ching Ching. During the attack just yell out repeatedly ” I know my rights”. I’m sure they will immediately stop beating, raping or robbing with their sincerest apologies!,,

  • Joe Mange

    Yas suh rover done hung a toof , and mr hank fo yo infomation i bleves most of dat crimonal elemont be comin from memphis givin us edumacated colored folks down heh a bad name . now dats my to cents worf of da truf, laws a massy heh it tis first of da month, it be payday

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