A night of sex turned into a kidnapping

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A woman who said women committing crimes against men is wrong was nailed for doing just that.

Two women are accused of a robbery scheme that left a man running through the streets completely naked.

Instead of going to a hotel, police said a couple went to an abandoned building to hook up, but police said the man got more than he bargained for.

"It seems like the women are doing the most of the crimes nowadays," Soncearae Dugan-Lobbins said.

WREG talked to Dugan-Lobbins on Wednesday about women behaving badly.

"A lot of people out here are just going crazy," she said.

Now, police said she is the the one out of control.

Dugan-Lobbins is accused of turning a night of pleasure into a night of pain for a Whitehaven man.

According to police, she suggested having sex with the victim in their car behind a row of boarded up buildings off of Barton.

"You never know who you've got watching you," Anthony Johnson said. "Who in their right mind would go behind an abandoned building to do that?"

Once the couple took their clothes off, police said Dugan-Lobbins arranged for Evelina Garrett and another man to hop in the car and kidnap the victim with stun guns.

"At any given time you need to be aware of your surroundings and who is surrounding you," Johnson said.

The victim was taken to an ATM on Elvis Presley.

According to the police report, the naked man was scared for his life and handed over his PIN.

The accused robbers stole $600.00.

"People do some crazy things," Johnson said.

After the wild ride he was not expecting, the victim was thrown out of the car about a mile away on East Shelby and Farona.

Police eventually caught the two women, who are expected in court on Monday.

The other man involved is still on the run.


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