Robbery victim disrespected at 201 Poplar

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman went to court to get justice, but walked away feeling victimized all over again.

She was there to see a man go to jail for putting a gun in her face, but she said her trip to 201 Poplar made her feel like the criminal.

TaUndria Newson says one rude courtroom official after another made her feel like the bad guy, and she’s the one who was robbed at gunpoint six years ago.

She was finally subpoenaed to 201 Poplar to testify against the man this week.

“I pray to God nobody has to be victimized the way that I am by someone on the street and then come into the place where you’re supposed to get justice and be victimized there as well,” Newson said.

WREG found out Michael Bailey is the robber, and turns out he plead guilty the week before Newson was told to come to court.

He’s robbed so many people, the court labeled him a career criminal and he’s facing life in prison.

However, no one ever informed Newson of that. She says the prosecutor she saw in court that day didn’t even tell her.

“She was like, she can leave. Oh, OK. She can go. We don’t need her. He’s done. Why am I here,” said Newson.

Newson, who now lives 30 minutes away in Mississippi, says she lost gas money, the $10 she paid for parking, and a day’s earnings from her job as a cook.

“I don’t know if he’s in jail. I don’t know if he made a plea bargain. I know nothing,” said Newson.

She called the victim’s advocate with the district attorney’s office listed on the bottom of the letter. She’s still waiting for a call back from her.

However, WREG notified District Attorney Amy Weirch about what happened to Newson.

Weirich told WREG somehow Newson got overlooked when they were notifying victims there would be no trials.

Weirich called Newson personally to explain the mistake.

Weirich said Bailey unexpectedly plead guilty.


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