Mother charged with abusing disabled daughter

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis mother is charged with abusing her physically and mentally challenged daughter.

Jennifer Cotten is charged with aggravated assault, abuse and neglect and violating bail conditions.

This is not the first time Cotten has faced these charges.

Cotten was ordered by a judge to stay away her from daughter after she left her in a hot car last summer.

Instead, police say Cotten has been recklessly taking care of her daughter the entire year.

The two lived in a house on Jamerson without electricity.

Earlier this month, the house caught fire and Rebecca suffered severe burns.

Carlos Rodriquez and his family didn not know the mother and daughter when they lived next door, but did see the fire.

His young daughter Celeste doesn't understand everything going on, but the 10-year-old knows something is wrong.

“That is not her mom,” said Celeste Rodriguez.

“That's not her mom? Why do you say that?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“Because a mom needs to feed her daughters,” replied Rodriguez.

Rebecca, who is 21, weighs the same as Celeste's 7 year-old little sister.

News Channel 3 stopped by a home on Tutwiler, Jennifer Cotten's last known address.

The people there dodged us, and hid their faces as they drove by.

They said they were on their way to see Cotten in jail.

According to a police report, Jennifer and Rebecca tested positive for methamphetamine.


  • mr matt

    meth is most likely the reason she was born that way and they both tested positive now. she should get the chair for neglect of that nature

    • BEAT IT UP

      Another case of DHS, the courts failing this defenseless person. This POS should sit in jail no bond and go to prison for a very long time. Then the one left to protect her from this POS should be locked up to.

  • 122811

    White on white crime is getting out of hand yall abuse your children and alot of whites are meth heads ….there i said it

  • 123

    Several people have told the courts that Jennifer didn’t need custody of her children and they didn’t listen. Tonight after a long battle Rebecca passed away because of all the harm her mother placed her in. Sad thing is she has a daughter named Jacey who is only 5 years old. Who knows what that child is experiencing.

    • dont judge people you dont know

      to each and every one of you saying these ignorant things about jennifer. she is a very good mother and a wonderful person. if you had any clue to what she has been through with the P.O.S william king. you would not make these statements about her. they need to look into the fire on jamerson more. william more than likely had something to do with it, she finally got out of the very abusive relationship with him and was only at the house on jamerson for 3 days and the utilities were gonna be cut on may 7.sorry but you are not getting the true facts. only what the memphis police want to say, which are not true facts

      • Joe Bo

        A child died in her custody, if this your definition of a good Mother, kinda wondering about your idea of a bad mother.

  • Chris&NickRbootyBandits

    Everything aside this is horrible news that a child has died, black, white, red. It’s totally inexcusable.

  • MemphisDad

    I love Elise but asking total strangers who have nothing to add to the story is hardly reporting. Step up your game Elise.

  • Kelly

    She had Meth in her system and let her child starve. It doesnt matter what she has been thru. If she had the money to do meth she should have bought food for her children instead. So she was not a good mother no matter how hard you try to make her out to be. Hopefully they will never let her out.


    she has always neglected that poor child, I didnt even know she has a wheel chair until I seen it on the news, when her mother would bring her over she would throw her down on a dirty stankin floor and go do drugs, then one of her friends would talk about how they would leave her in the room,days at a time no telling how many times she has been raped either and this was when the poor girl was 18

  • Joe Bo

    Wow amaze me is the “lack of commits”, usually made from the same inbread country bumpkins. Quite as a church mouse when it comes to white on white crime. Well I’ll say it for ya, this verment should be put down like the animal she is.

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